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Sunday, June 19

Merry With Proactiv or Sorry With Acne

I’m thankful that our family’s skins are fairly fine and we seldom get severe acne problems. If ever that we get some acne problem it does not make a very deep marks on our face or it does not get worst. That’s probably one of the asset that our family have. I’m sure most women would wonder why a Dad like me is talking about acne problems. Actually it is rare for a man to talk about skin problems and how they treat their faces daily, especially for a guy who is not that handsome but have just an ordinary look.

I remember when I was still a bachelor I do have plenty of stuff in my pouch. Most of them are for grooming and body essentials. I have lotion, deodorant, perfume, tooth paste, and facial wash. That was before and now that I’m married those grooming and body essentials had been reduced to deodorant, perfume and tooth paste. The lotion and the facial wash were delisted just to save money for my family. With that, I do get sometimes acne problem but still thankful because it’s not that worst. Perhaps that acne was caused by pollution and irritants in the air since I usually travel on public transport. Still, having a nice clean look will show how you treat yourself.

Now, I think most men who are conscious about how they look and those who have severe acne problem can now addressed that problem with the availability of the New Proactiv in the Philippine market specifically at Watsons. The New Proactiv according to their website is an “acne clearing system that was developed to treat the whole face – helping to both clear blemishes and prevent acne before it starts. Proactive was the first acne treatment system of its kind and is as revolutionary now as it was then”. The New Proactiv contains advanced microcrystal benzoyl peroxide, designed to work faster and gentler. So it means that people with acne problems can now cure their problems and get the confidence that once was lost. Another thing you can vouch for the New Proactiv is the Money Back Guarantee that they are offering. Few companies do the money back guarantee if they really know that there product is an A1 product.

Here are several testimonies of local people who have actually experienced the outcome of the product.

We all have different views on things and on this one it’s all up to us on which product we are going to use. Use this and be merry or don’t use this and be sorry.

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