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Sunday, June 12

Preparing For Maki’s 1st Day of School

We have prepared some of the things that Maki would need on his first day of school tomorrow. I have bought him his preferred Ben 10 Bag which is a trolley bag. I don’t know why he preferred to have red which in his first request he wanted have an orange Ben 10 bag but maybe it was due to the presented colors during the time that we bought the bag. His school uniforms were already tailored according to his measurements. I’ll just hope that they will iron the school uniform tomorrow. I won’t be around during his first day of school but I will be leaving the camera to Mommy to take a shot of Maki going to school and entering his class room. And of course coming home from school.  It’s a milestone for him and of course we want keep a photo of him on his first day of school. The very first day!

school-bag school-uniform

I think it was last Friday or Thursday that I have heard on the radio about a father who dressed up with different costume every morning and waving at the bus shuttling his son to school. Then later on read it on some of the blogs. Since tomorrow would be Maki’s first day to school perhaps I’ll be keeping a record of him every day something to remember every day. I’m sure most of the people surfing the net have already seen this father and their blog. Here’s a video of the father wearing costumes every school days. 

You can visit their blog Wave At The Bus and see their daily posts.

So how about you?  How’s your preparations for the school days?

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