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Saturday, July 2

Daddy Day Care: School Shoes

Thank God for the blessings that He has been giving us and today we are thankful that there are GCs that we can use to buy Maki’s shoes, Gelo’s clothes and of course umbrellas for us. Yes we are thankful that we were blessed with some of material things that we can use. God has always been there for us though most of the times we weren’t able to give back what is due to Him.

Today’s Daddy Day Care is bonding time for Mommy, Maki and Me. We went to the mall to buy school shoes for Maki. For the past two weeks Maki was using his rubber shoes to go to school though he was not forced to wear a black shoes I know that we parents should provide him that and besides that is part of his uniform. My wife’s on mind was to buy a black shoes ranging only from Php500.00 to Php600.00 but unfortunately we were not able to find any good black shoes with that range. So what we did is that we try finding a little bit higher in which we did found one. It was a Transformers Black Shoes and I think it will last for a few years. What is good about the shoes is that the sole is sawn to the leather which will make it last for some few years. We choose the strap on so that Maki won’t have any worries of tying the lace of his shoes for a while. I think for me the shoes are already a good buy. Also my wife bought some clothes for our little one, Gelo. His is already starting to grow big. To complete our purchases for the day my wife bought two umbrellas for both of us so that we won’t have to share in just one small umbrella. Let’s just hope that my wife would not lose the umbrella in just a few days. Hahaha! She’s fond of misplacing her umbrellas and handkerchief.

With today’s purchases we only cashed out around Php200.00 plus. Thanks for the Gift Certificates that I am getting, it helps a lot and of course that’s a very thrifty way to spend. So, that’s wrap up our day, went home and check the goodies that we bought.
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