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Monday, September 12

Daddy Day Care: Taking Care Our Two Boys

I know this is easy for Moms but for us Dads, who doesn't always stays in the house, it's a little bit disorganized, messy and it's really exhausting.  Perhaps I will get used to it if I would be staying in the house for about a month.   Then maybe that's the time that I should have mastered it all.  As what the usual saying is "practice makes perfect" but it was rephrased by the speaker of VSF that I attended.  He rephrased it to "perfect practice makes perfect", it is indeed true and correct.  How can you perfect something if from the start it is already wrong so it should be started with a perfect and right way before practicing?  Now being a house would be perfect if I would get the right way on how to handle to kids, the house chores, and my online activity.  Now  I would say that's really a home based job.

Well, I think I'm getting a hold of it somehow.  I was able to handle the two kids, a baby and a preschooler today but wasn't able to do some household chores.  Last week and I was able to touch almost the three jobs the whole day, that's including the laundry, the cooking and the changing of the bedding.  So I think a few more weekends and I'll become a pro in being a house Dad on weekends.

It was really fun being together with the kids, playing with them the whole day, taking care of them, preparing their food, and putting them into bed.  The only thing that I find hard to do is containing Maki.  It's really hard keeping him in just one place.  He would run around and play with his little brothers hands, of course I don't want my eldest son to feel being shut off from his little brother that's why in some little ways I let him play around.  Lesson learned today try to think of an activity that would involve all of us so that my eldest son won't be as hyper as he is and at least he would be contained in just one place.  Also a plus to my experience today it's really hard to take a bath without someone to look after them that's why I didn't get a bath not until my wife arrived from work and take note my shirt got pooped and my shorts got urinated.  Now, imagine how do I smell?

Well, having been a house Dad for two weekends there are things that crossed into my mind thinking of what or how those other families can pass through the day handling five or seven kids.  I just couldn't imagine those Moms taking care of their five or seven kids at the same time.  That could have been very exhausting.   No wonder a lot of them are like "losyang" or haggard-looking ladies.

So how was your weekend with your kids?

1 comment:

  1. Kudos to you daddy Marco for taking good care of your two little adorable boys. Hindi lahat ng daddy marunong mag alaga ng bata... hats off! Galing!!!


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