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Monday, October 17

Monday Rush: Returning On The Track

I have been away from my usual track on one of my blogs.  The schedules have been a mess and some of which I really forgot to post.  It was chaotic during that time. 

So right now, I’m trying to regain my focus again and perhaps with a little bit of a boost from my inspiration, my wife and my sons, will put me back right on the track.  Joggling offline work and online jobs are really something that requires a proper time management. 

I just pray that I could finish some of the tasks that have been long overdue.  To those whom I haven’t submitted or informed or created the things that ought to be please forgive me and I do hope that everything will be good then.  I’m taking the right track again, no more other vibes, just a plain and focus.

To start with I’ll be posting the featured blogs these coming days.
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