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Tuesday, November 22

Calamba Family Getaway

Last month, our family was able to have an out of town and an overnight stay activity somewhere in Laguna. First, it is the nearest province in Metro Manila which is a lot easier to go with; second, my wife’s cousin lives there and lastly, it’s their family reunion on her father’s side.

The Reunion was held this year because one of their cousins from abroad came home and was also one of the sponsors of the gathering. That’s why they have it outside of the metro.

It is our family’s first time to go on an out of town and overnight trip. Unfortunately, I need to get a one day leave of absence from work just to enjoy the getaway. It’s a family getaway!

The entire family (not the whole clan actually) were very much excited and thrilled about the event. I’m sure most of the kids and teens couldn’t wait for that day but of course they couldn’t pull the time faster just to arrive on that day already. Most of them prepared a lot like floaters, swimsuits, snacks, and other things to enjoy during the family getaway.

Swimming did become the major activity. When we arrived at the place, the kids are very eager to jump into the swimming pool. Of course we need to settle first before anything else and kids are not allowed to go alone without the supervision of any adult. So, they were kept on hold until everything was okay.

The place is located in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, it is just downhill of the famous Mt. Makiling. It is called Rockpoint Hotel, a hot spring resort and hotel with lots of good things to enjoy. As we all know Laguna is well known for their hot spring and quite the number of resorts, one of them is the Rockpoint Hotel.

Rockpoint Hotel is not a very big hotel but just a nice comfy and refreshing place where anyone can experience good relaxation. The hotel offers different amenities for their guests like their swimming pool (which I think most of the time of the kids was spent there), their restaurant, their videoke bar, their spa, and a whole lot more which makes it more relaxing to enjoy the vacation. The place was good for just a right number of guests. I think after this blog post they’ll be needing more staff to accommodate a lot of guests (hopefully I could convince readers and others to try it there).

For me, though I was taking care of the kids, I did enjoy and had relaxed a bit and removed some chunks of stress in me. It is just enough to be rejuvenated and energized again for the next working days.

After our stay and experience at the hotel we also visited some known places in Calamba, Laguna but before the small tour we did have our lunch first at Ate Recelie’s (my wife’s cousin) house. Since Ate Recelie was a Yakult Lady the kids enjoyed the refreshment and goodness of Yakult (advertising the product, hehehe).

When lunch was over we started our small tour of the province. First was the statue of Rizal near the municipal hall (I think. Not really sure about this). Then we passed by at the famous “Bahay Ni Rizal”, we didn’t bother to get inside because we got a lot of kids with us and we don’t want to get into trouble. Lastly, we get to Nuvali to let the kids enjoy feeding the fish. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite good and did a little shower that caused us to end the day and went home.

A nice family getaway! I just hoped next time much longer days.
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