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Monday, December 26

A Househusband?

Well being the man of the house is not really easy at all.  Who says being a Dad is easy?  The real role of Dads are not only to provide the family needs but its also about being a man who can stand firm for his family no matter what is his state.

Yesterday was the start of the showing of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival.  My family were able to witness the long lines on all cinemas.  Too bad our present state couldn't let us watch any of those entries for the MMFF.  How I pray for someone to provide at least four passes for my family for one of any of the movies.  All of the movies were great in their own respective genre but there's one that I can say that being a Daddy blogger I can relate to it.  The title of the movie is "My Househusband: Ikaw Na!"  The movie is about a husband who lost his job and become a househusband.  Quite interesting because of the present state of each family, especially for those who lives in the metro.  In this movie, it's about family relationship that is present in today's generation both husband and wife are working; husband stays in the house and the wife is working; and wife is a bread-winner.

I'm a Daddy blogger who blogs about my experiences with my two sons.  I'm happy that Dads are now being presented as someone who can do things what Moms can do.  Of course don't include the bearing of the child for 9 months and the breast feeding.  That is solely for the Moms and we commend them for that strength and patience.

Perhaps it would be a realization for those who thought that when you're a househusband it means your overpowered by the wife, it is just a matter of circumstances and what's wrong if Dads will do the Mom things. It doesn't make Dads less macho.

Anyway if you want to watch the movie My Househusband just visit the cinemas.  I think they'll be running this movie until next year.  If you watch or have watched it already spare some time to comment here and give a little bit of info but not to the point of telling the whole story.  Just a little something that you have learned in the movie.  Looking forward for you comments...
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