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Monday, February 28

Can't Sleep Though Tired

My aunt from the province has arrived already.  Though I'm tired of today's unusual events, communicating, and waiting I can't seem to fall asleep.  I'm still thinking of my Uncle Sito. Tomorrow will be going back to the wake together with my aunt, my mother and my father.  My father and I should be there to pacify and comfort my mother.  I just don't know how will she reacts if she sees her brother inside the coffin.  We really need prayers to be strong in facing this trials in our life.

Sunday, February 27

Tiyo Sito Farewell

Today is one of the many situation that I really don't know what to do but I need to be strong and be firm.  Most of the people close to us are clinging to us emotionally and financially.  I know my immediate family cannot offer much with regards to monetary support.  The only thing right now that we can offer is the shoulder to cry on and a prayer for everyone for God's blessing, guidance, and His comforting love.

It was 3:00 AM this morning that my sister knocked on our door.  I'm not sure what's the problem but it is seldom that my sister knocks on the door at 3:00AM in the morning.  I opened the door and the first word that came out of her mouth is that "Tito Sito is dead".  She then followed that our mother was crying and sobbing intensely, she was crying but there were no tears coming out of her eyes, she was chilling, and some part of her body are already numb.  We did comfort her with the news that she heard but she couldn't bear the news that caused her to faint.   We manage to calm her down.

We began the text and call brigade, informing most of our relatives that we can inform about what happened.  We're not yet sure of what really happened, all that we know is that our Tito (Uncle) is already gone.  We try to make everyone inform in a very subtle way because there are some, like my mother, who might take the news very badly.  Some of them do have medical conditions.

As per my cousin's story her father was on his way home when the accident happens.  He was riding the jeepney hanging at the rear end (we call it "sabit").  It is commonly done when there are no more seats and there are lots of passengers.   According to people who witnessed the accident  Tito Sito loose his grip and fell off the jeepney and was run-over by the next jeepney which was having a race with the other jeepney.  Tito Sito was dead already when brought to the hospital.  The driver was already brought to jail and the jeepney was impounded.

My Uncle's family don't have much finances.  They don't really know where to get money to pay for the morgue and for the coffin but God is gracious enough to touch the heart of some people.  The owner of the funeral parlor was a friend of Tita Lita's (wife of Tito Sito) cousin which gave them discount on all the services and the coffin.  Another one is the owner of jeepney provided a down payment to get our Uncle's body and be brought to their house.  It is truly a blessing that these people are touched.

Aside from me being their comforting them I wanted to share a little bit of help by posting this blog and seek help from kindhearted people who are willing to share their blessings for my Uncle's family.   I would be grateful for the help that the blogging community will share even it is just small. You can send your monetary help through here....

Kindly do indicate that it is a donation for my Uncle Sito. Thanks! Prayers can sure comfort us!

Saturday, February 26

Daddy Day Care: Afternoon Nap

Kids are supposed to have their long hours of sleep in a day.  As I can recall it from an article which I have read, kids should have at least 13-14 hours of sleep in a day.  Which means they should have slept 8-10 hours in the evening, 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.  According to the article it will boost up their development because the organs begun their works while kids are asleep and that's the time everything inside the body develops.  

So today, since I got early this morning, I think it was around 5:30 AM, Maki and I decided to take an afternoon nap.  Both of us went to sleep this afternoon.  I think it was a two hours sleep.  Though I was still sleepy Maki wake me up and told me that we are going to Mommy so I should get up already.  Quite funny that my son is now reminding me of the things that we are going to do for the day. 

So nap times are really essential.  It is not only for kids but also for the adults.  It rejuvenates the body and rebuilds its energy to provide strength when working, especially those works that needs extra physical strength.

So how was your day?  Did you take a nap?

A Blogger's Life & Dream

“You received payments!” “Your article was approved!” “You got fifty emails unread!” Yes! I got new earnings notification on my email and they have approved my articles. Yes!

“ZZZZzZzzzzzzzz….. Hey Daddy, wake up! You were dreaming.”
Well, that’s the effect of blogging in me. I get a dose of it when I’m really into deep blogging. I bring along my blogging in my dreams. I just pray that most of my good blogging dreams may come true.

Blogging really did get into my system and it has become part of my daily routines in life. A day never passes without me writing an article or checking on some other blogs. It has feed me so much compared to what I am before I started blogging. I’ve learned a lot through blogging. I can say now that my writing has improved and leveled up. I sometimes think if I really did write the article.

Blogging did provide some extra cash on my wallet but unfortunately the money just slips away because we have to pay the bills. How I pray that some of that earned money will stay even for a week. Hahaha! Anyway God will surely bless us more of that. I think one of the best things with my blogging is that I gain some friends.
Well my goal for this year is to swipe all of our debts and provide finances for our upcoming little angel. Yes, another little angel in the house! So that means I have to do double time to earn that. My wife’s pregnancy is quite expensive because she does not deliver the baby normally, she’s a C section. I just don’t know how much it cost after more than three years but I’m praying that we will come through this.

It would be more fun if I win some of the prizes at “ ExtraBLOGanza Contest” ExtraBLOGanza Contest

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Friday, February 25

New Set of Die Cast Cars

My son and I have recently been collecting toy cars.  Actually I started it when I got this little die cast toy cars from my Tita Vivian.  Maki was already born that time but since his still too young for the toy cars I just set it aside.  Now that Maki is already three years old he can now play with them but of course with my supervision.  According to the indications on some of the boxes, says that it is fit for ages five and up (5+).  Well we I'm not really sure if we should still wait for another two years more for him to play with his cars but anyway Daddy is her to play with him whenever he wants to.

To date, Maki's die cast toy car is already 25 pieces including the eighteen wheeler (I think) truck.  He got an additional 3 cars which I bought from the Duty Free Shops in Clark, Pampanga.  These cars are good and can be compared to cars sold in the toy shops in big department stores.  Plus take note it's not that expensive. So if you want to have some of these just visit the Duty Free Shops in Clark, Pampanga.

That's not all we also have the Ferrari Cars from shell which stays hidden inside the cabinet.  They are a collectors item and when the time comes collectors might get interested on it.   Aside from that collection also Maki has also other set of radio/remote controlled cars which we sometimes play outside the house.

Tuesday, February 22

Getting Fit This Year

Father and Son showing off

I think this post is just right because I really wanted to do some cholesterol reducing habit. Last year, like I mentioned in one of my post, the doctor did some laboratory test about my health and the result is that I got high cholesterol which can lead to high blood pressure. The doctors advice is to cut down cholesterol producing foods and do some exercise. I sure did what the doctors advice but I think it is not good enough. So this year I'll be starting to push it more and really do more exercise. So, for a start I would like to answer a question which Fat Girl No More provided for her contest.
What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and how do you intend to achieve this?

What I'll be doing is that I will make sure everyday that I will have at least a 30 minute walking to burn a few bits of the fat in my body. Everything needs to start into something so I don't want to push my body outright. Next is that I'll make sure to have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. We all know that water is the number one cleanser so by doing that it will wash out some unwanted waste in my body. If I have successfully done this straight in one month then that's the time that I will move to the next level of toning my body. I really missed my improvised workouts. They are simple but effective enough in toning my body. I just pray that I will accomplish it this year.

Well if you want to win some from this contest you can still join just follow this link to Fat Girl No More and do all the requirements.  Good luck.

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    Monday, February 21

    Monday Rush: Waiting

    Well I have been telling and advising to most of the people I know that patience always brings something that you don't really expect. So, today I have tried something different and it requires prayer and patience. I'm not going to expect from it but I will wait for the result of my action. I have always wanted to do it but due to some factors and circumstances it hinders my will to decide whether to pursue or not. I am praying that it will bring a good result. It will be good for me if it happens. It is something that I am good at, at least.

    I know many people today don't wait. They hate waiting. They always wanted it in a snap. The time today has already running so fast, technology and evolution has took its place more than the time it is expected, and people are getting matured instantly. On our busy world people don't have the time to appreciate things around them. For them everything is just the same as yesterday. That's what they are missing! Though there are others who stop in a while and appreciate God's creation, still the number of people who ignores are much higher. That's why they don't know how to preserve the world.

    Everything in the world that God created takes place in the right time. There's no short cut in the process. Seeds grows into a giant tree and bears fruit in the right time and they wait for that because they know that everything flows in the process. Waiting, we need to wait for the right time!

    How about you? Have you tried to wait for something?

    Birthday & Contest of Pinay Mama

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    Saturday, February 19

    Daddy Day Care: Missed Vaccine of Maki

    Today, I missed Maki's Vaccine.   Maki was telling me that he wanted to go to the doctor with me.  For some unforeseen circumstances I was stuck with the dentist.   I had my teeth put on a fillings and cleaning.  I was supposed to go with Mommy and Maki to video the vaccination but unfortunately the dentist's patients piled up and I'm the fifth patient.  I think each patient were taken care for a at least 20 - 30 minutes.  In my case, I don't know if it was just about 30 minutes.  It really did took long before the doctor finished cleaning my teeth and putting some fillings.

    According to Mommy though Maki was in the good mood he still cried out loud while being vaccinated.  Maybe because he don't like to lie down it makes him uncomfortable.  As I can clearly understand, Mommy said that Maki wanted to be vaccinated with him sitting aright but his doctor insisted that he lie down on bed.  That room and that bed was his worst enemy.  I remember that he doesn't want to go inside that room and especially lie down on that bed.  I think It has been traumatic for him to be there and being vaccinated once in a while.   Anyway I'm sure my son will get over that phobia on that room.

    I'm still proud of my son that he was able to talk with his doctor and behave even though that he knows he'll be vaccinated.  How about you MOMMIES are there any milestones from your kids today?

    Friday, February 18

    Battleship Game


    I remember when I was still in elementary school, toys back then are mostly improvised or just plain simple.  As I recall it most of the pages of my notebooks are filled with scribbling and markings of inks and that's because we play on our notebooks.  All we need before are just pens and papers, there's no complexity in what we play, unlike today.  Most of these are played during classes without a teacher or break time.  This is our way of passing time over with the subject without a teacher.

    Now games like the Battleship are becoming more inviting because of its design and some new features.  I just don't know if kids  today will experience it much and enjoy of it since most of them are now playing in the comfort of their home with their PC games and other gaming console.  I just wish that most of the Filipino games are being taught by teachers.  There are kids who are willing to learn and enjoy it.   It is better that your kids are enjoying and are exposed to other normal games.

    How about you what games did you recall when you were a child?


    Wednesday, February 16

    Going Back to Fitness

    Last year I went to the doctor for a checkup, I wasn’t feeling very well that time. So after telling to the doctor what I felt and what I’m experiencing, she then decided that I should took some laboratory test so that she can find out what’s the cause of my illness. I did the laboratory test that she required and when I got the result I showed it to her. The good news is that some of the tests were pretty good and just right in the normal range while the bad news is that I got high findings about my cholesterol. She gave me some medicines to take and she also advised me to do some exercise. Yes! Exercise! I did miss that.
    My Evolution (from thin to not so macho)
    During the early days in my work I used to do really good exercise. I make all my routines which somewhat turns out pretty well because I did gain some weight back then. As I recall it, I was thin but not so thin when I started to work. They would always think of me as a high school student. I was an exercise fanatic during that time. I would have my jog in morning followed by my work out routine and on the afternoon after work I would jog for another round before dinner. The feeling was great that time. That was my break to have a little bit of fat on my cheek.

    Now, I’m continuing the exercise as per advice of my doctor but rarely do it due to some matters unlike before that I’m a jog fanatic. Every day I make sure that I would at least have a 30 minute walk after or before going to the office so instead getting off the jeepney near the office I would go down to some point which a little bit further just to have my walk. If the count is not enough I would continue walking on the afternoon after office hours. It is just a simple regimen to keep my cholesterol tone down.

    Though there were lots of fitness gyms that sprout along the street in our place I still don’t join any of them. There were some reasons why I didn’t join. First, most of them operated only because of some youth in our place who wanted to have big muscles which they don’t care about proper toning and diet. Second, they don’t have any professional gym instructors. And third, their facilities are not that good.

    If I want to go into fitness gyms I would rather have those who have fitness franchise. Those who owns a fitness franchise from known fitness company doesn’t only franchise their name but their program as well. Meaning they will not give out their franchise without having a good instructor inside the facility. So in order to get a fitness franchise opportunity interested people do undergo the training program and learn the whole program. There was a saying that “How can you teach something you doesn’t know” so in order to teach you need to be a student first. If only I could go to one of Operation Boot Camp’s training program maybe I could somehow impart to the youth here that it is not always the big bulky muscles shows that you’re healthy.

    Now this made me think, maybe it’s about time that I go back to my fitness routines.

    Monday, February 14

    Monday Rush: Valentine's Day

    Red!  It is the main color of the day.  Everywhere I look I see red, from shirts to dresses, from podiums to windows, and restaurants to boutiques.  Not only the color red is present but also the shapes of hearts together with cupid, from small to big and from few to many.  It's a time where most lovers show their affection to their better half.  For those who are still young at heart it's the time to show true love.

    For me and my wife, celebrating Valentine's Day is somewhat different for us.  We do give gifts and love notes to each other.  Sometimes I make it a little bit crafty and personalized.  There are times that I give love notes in tid bits that she needs to complete the puzzle to read what I wanted to say to her.  Sometimes I even make it little bit hi-tech and visually using graphic arts.  Whatever the mediums that I use it only shows one message "I Love My Wife".

    For this day I made a simple poem for her and here an excerpt of it...

    The day is red
    Filled with love, 
    Roses of bunch
    You will have.

    Kiss me tight,
    Full on the lips
    Lets dance tonight
    And throw your hips.
    I gave that poem while we were having our dinner together with our son Maki.  This is the 3rd year that we're celebrating Valentine's Day with our son.  So how's your Valentine's?

    Sunday, February 13

    Phentermine Diet Pills After Pregnancy

    The Evolution of My Wife
    What most women hates after pregnancy?  Well to be precise, it's about their weight.  They are very conscious about how they look.  So after pregnancy most women are pretty well determined to loose their fat and started making their bodies slim again.  They sometimes use diet pills like Phentermine Diet Pills just to loose their weight but for those who cannot afford to buy diet pills they just try their luck on loosing their weight.  For those who are having a hard time loosing their weight well it's something that they have to face.  Just like my wife but her situation is somewhat a little bit different.  Slimming down is really hard for her because she undergone caesarean section or the the C-Section.   It's really hard for her to do some exercise after the pregnancy.  It was also observed that most women who undergone C-Section have hard time loosing some weight.   My wife would always joke on me that it was my fault that she's now a little bit chubby.  As you can see from her picture she goes from totally slim to sexier, to a little bit more sexier, and to a slightly chubbier (she was pregnant that time).

    Another problem that my wife is facing is the pain and the agony of looking for dress and clothes that will fit for her.  It was also a pain in the back, especially every time that I will help her look for a dress to buy.  Very often that we always take almost 4 to 5 hours just to look for a dress that she could wear.  At the end she would always go to plus size clothing.  That's her agony, seeing a very beautiful dress that she want but couldn't wear it because of her size.

    Anyway I'm sure that my wife is doing her best to loose some weight, especially after pregnancy.  Right now she is pregnant with our second angel and I can't wait to hold a baby again.  So after her pregnancy I'll definitely help her to loose that weight.  There are other Cheap Phentermine or diet pills that can be bought.  It is said that phentermine is an approved appetite suppressant that can help reduce weight.  We don't want to jump in and Buy Cheap Phentermine Online easily, we want to consult first to medical doctors if those brands can really help in reducing weight or it is safe enough to try them.  I'm sure my wife will try something that will help her reduce some weight but of course we need to be cautious in buying medicines.

    Are you a mommy?  How do you cope up with this kind of feeling?  If you got any ideas on how to loose weight please do tell us.

    Saturday, February 12

    Daddy Day Care: Ice Cream

    Last night Maki's nanny, Ate Lanie, didn't sleep in our house but before she went off we had an agreement that she'll be in the house at around 6:30 AM because Mommy will be preparing to go to work.  Since she's always late whenever she sleeps in her sister's house we decided to make a bet.  If she comes late she'll be buying an ice cream for us especially for Maki.  It will be our desert.
    This morning, Ate Lanie came past 7:00 AM already.  She's late of our agreed time.  Mommy woke up late also that she decided not to go to work today and besides her hips is really aching.   Ate Lanie owes us an ice cream.  Hehehe!
    Before lunch, Ate Lanie and Maki went to the store to buy the ice cream.  Maki was very eager to buy ice cream then they went off.   It took them too long to buy the ice cream, Mommy was already worried.   After a few minutes they came back, Maki carrying the ice cream.   The ice cream was just Php 100.00 (I think) and we don't want Ate Lanie to buy those very expensive.  It was just our fun.  Anyway, according to Ate Lanie they took quite a while on deciding which ice cream they were going to buy.   She just let Maki decide on which ice cream.

    Maki couldn't wait much longer to eat the ice cream.  He placed the ice cream beside him while eating.  I'm really sure that he wanted to munch the ice cream already because every time that he eats he take a spoon tip of ice cream.   Take note he already designated on who's going to eat the three flavors.   He said that the purple (which is the ube) is for him, the yellow (he doesn't know that it was cheese) is for Ate Lanie and the chocolate is for Mommy.   Which leaves me out of the picture.  Hehehe!  In the end he tasted all the three flavors and even tries to lick it until the last drop.  Of course we don't let him munch everything we don't want him coughing in the evening.   After that we let him drink water to wash off the sugar and the cold.

    It was fun having something like that, especially on a weekend that we're all here.   Maybe next time its my turn to buy ice cream.

    How's your weekend?

    Friday, February 11

    Kids Tracking Device For Parents

    How many kids have you seen running around the mall with a leash on them?  Well, I did find a lot!  It is really disturbing seeing those parents pulling their kids back to them with a leash.  It was like seeing a man and a dog.  Does parents really have to put that leash on their kids?  They are not dogs!  And besides leash are made for dogs not for kids.

    If you're putting a leash on your kids on a public place like the mall, carnival, or theme parks, you're admitting to yourself that you could not take care of your kids.   Kids are supposed to have fun.   They need their freedom to enjoy, especially if it is a theme park.

    If you really want to have fun with your kids give them space and try to play with so that you won't have to put on that leash.  Or you can just try to hold their hands while walking and viewing the park.  It is much more intimate and gives you more bonding with your kids.  If it is really that bad that your kid always run around like my kid well there are other ways to keep an eye of them kids.   One gadget that I have found is this tracking device, it is called the Here I am Kid Tracking Device.  They made it look like a toy so that your kids wouldn't just throw it away but just to make sure clip it to their clothes or put it in their pockets if going to the mall, parks, or public places.  If you noticed that your kids are no longer around or no where in site just click the key chain transmitter and you will hear the bear beep.  It also alarms you if your kids had gone off the 25 feet radius.  Pretty neat gadgets and you don't have to make your kids look like a dog.   I know there are something like this that are already available in the local markets or you can visit some gadget shops.   Just remember your kids are not dogs so don't put any leash on them.

    Monday, February 7

    Monday Rush: Monday Thinking

    What is Monday to you?  Well, there are things that always made me think that Monday is one heck of a day.  That's my perspective since I started working.  Monday has always been the busiest day of the week.  Everything and anything starts on Mondays.

    I remember when I was still in high school I somewhat and some way hate Monday.  First, Monday is the start of the school days and all assignments are always checked so if I didn't make my assignment well, I'm doomed.  Second, all the best movies are shown Sunday late night  I really have to sleep early for school so I always skip those best movies.  And third, I still have the weekend hangover, not of alcohol I'm still a minor, but of sleep and rest.  It's really hard to wake up early morning after the long weekend.

    Though some parts of me hate Mondays there are still some parts of that will always love Mondays.  First, I get a chance to boast off what I have read and learned during the weekend.  Studying can be really fun, if you like the subject.  Second, I get to see my crush after the weekend.  It's really something when you always see your crush.  And third, I got my allowance and I could save some of that. 

    So that was my way of thinking during my high school days.   That's how I look Monday.  Sometimes its quite interesting but most of the time is really dull.  But at least I did experience it.

    Now that I am working looking at Mondays is a different level of vision.  Though sometimes it is really striking, I still manage to hold on and keep that cool down.  I need to really keep my self in good condition and of a long line of patience.  It's just simple I'm not now working for my own but for my family so I really need to do things accordingly.

    Mondays... Mondays.... Mondays.... how about you how's the beginning of your week?

    Saturday, February 5

    Daddy Day Care: Maki, Pacify, and the Whys

    Today's menu for the Daddy Day Care is about Maki's constant questions of Why and him being talkative.  Well we all know that kids got their different levels of growth and development, for Maki, well the Whys are now constant.  I think Maki's Whys are now having more deeper thought.  Sometimes we really thought about it.

    Just a proof of him becoming very blatant with his whys is our day out today.  His questioning can really be funny and can make everyone who hears it giggles and laugh at it.  For a start, today we did have some extraordinary and tiring day.    We went first to Mommy's OB for her check up.  The ride to her doctor's clinic was just short but it seems very long because of Maki.  His scared of the fast and reckless jeepneys.  He has been like this ever since he heard that growling sound after waking up in a bad mood.  He was really shocked and frightened.  He sometimes climb at me when the vehicle starts running very fast and the muffler growls loudly like a lion.  He was very scared that he wanted the driver to stop the vehicle and go down.  But of course we did not go down because we're still very far from the clinic.  We just tried to make him busy for a while and when we're almost near the place that's the time that we decided to go down already.  We did talked to him and pacify him of the matter.  Anyway I'm sure he will overcome it just like his fear of the mascots.

    After Mommy's check up we decided to went to SM North to buy pants, socks, and underwear for me.  Some of my clothes were already worn out so it's about time that I get some new ones.  It's a three day sale that's why we went there hoping to buy some cheaper bargain. 

    When we are about to ride the FX taxi Maki started screaming that he don't want to ride in the car.  He continued screaming inside the car.  People were looking at us already but I don't care what I'm bothered about is my son, he was opening the door.  It was really dangerous.  Pacifying him was really tough but Mommy make it through by telling him something about the time that he ride a motorbike.  Mommy did explained to him that he was not scared during that time so he should not be scared for that ride.  After a few minutes of talking Mommy pacified him and made him to calm down.  I just pray that he won't do it again.

    We were able to roam around and looked for cheaper pants and socks.  While doing that Maki were already starting to get hyper.  He would go down and say that he wants to walk alone.  Of course we don't want to!  That's because there's a lot of people that might hit and bump him in the head or worst hurt him.  Containing him was really hard and this caused me not to find any thing for me.   Also some of them were really expensive.  We cannot really afford that much.

    What I only got are the three pair of socks, the rest was Maki's CDs and a bolster.  Now, we really don't know what Maki ate that made him very talkative.  He got plenty of Whys!  The Whys and blatant words we heard was very funny that made even the other passengers laugh.  Maki did utter "Why is it dark?"  we just answered him that there's no light inside the van because the driver turned it off.   We also added that "You (Maki) ask the driver to turn it on."  In just in a snap Maki told to the driver "driver please to turn on the lights.  It was clear and fast that made most of the passengers to laugh about Maki's instant questions.   Then that's where most of the question started.  Most of them are about cars, things and his new bolster.   He was not yet sleepy that's why there are much whys and hows coming out of him.

    The day in SM North is sure full of colorful events and it did make me and Mommy really tired.   We don't want it to happen again without Ate Lanie.  

    How about you how's your weekend?

    Friday, February 4

    Hug A Pet

    Picture From Toys "R" Us

    Who says toys are just for kids? Well... for this heart month I think stuff toys are in for the season. Like the kids, ladies would really love to have those huggable, soft, squishy, and cuddly stuff toys. For sure you'll see toy stores flooded with those different kinds of squishy toys and since it is the heart month for sure the common colors would pink, red, and white. And another thing, Bears are one of the common stuff toy. I think they will really paint the town red. Hahaha! Anyway if you're trying to impress your love ones this Valentines Day will you'd better get into thinking what you're going to give. Well I think it is much easier to look for gifts if you want it instant but if you want it to be something special and with a personal touch you need to think really hard.

    So for the meantime that you're thinking well here are some of the toys available at TOYS "R" US for this month.

    Thursday, February 3

    Keeping the Flowers Fresh

    It’s already the start of the love month. The breeze of sweet perfumes, the scent of budding flower, and the sound of romantic music are now lingering everywhere. Most people, especially those who are in the flower industry are now busy making heart decorations, flowers arrangements and putting up other items or gimmicks to sell for the coming celebration of Valentine’s Day. Flower shops will sure be very busy and people will be delighted to see flowers popping out in every shop.

    I remember few days before our wedding, since we don’t have enough budgets for the flower arrangements we are the ones who bought the flowers to be used in our wedding. One of our family friends who offered her services to do the flower arrangements accompanied us in buying those flowers.

    It was midnight when we went to the market place specifically for flowers. That’s the time that I saw bundles of different flowers delivered and sold in every store. I just wonder how they were transported in that place. As far as I know those flowers came from the plantation which was miles away. Though I have seen some of the flowers placed in cold containers to maintain the freshness, still those containers are not well enough to refrigerate the freshness of the flowers.

    I know that here in our country, the Philippines, we rarely have refrigerated vans or refrigerated trucks that can be used to transport those beautiful flowers from Baguio to Manila. Unlike in some countries that produce and exports flowers uses refrigerated vans or refrigerated trucks to keep the freshness and beauty of the flowers.

    In some countries or places instead of using refrigerated vans or trucks they rather use cooler trailers. These cooler trailers or refrigerated trailers are easy to maintain and can be left behind, unhooked from the van or truck. While providing the duty of refrigeration the other vehicle can be used to do some trucking and other errands. Another good thing about cooler trailers is that if the vehicle overheated or caused a malfunction, it will not be affected by the problem because it is self sustainable with a built in generator that runs a 115 volt of electricity. Unlike the refrigerated vans or trucks once the vehicle is busted even the refrigeration will stop also causing for the flowers to lose their freshness.  So keeping those flowers fresh is your main business try to have some that is efficient, sustaining, and easy to handle like the cooler trailers that can be used almost anything.
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