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Thursday, June 30

3rd Blogoversary Contest: A Blog & A Baby

At last after a few days of delay I am now launching the 3rd Blogoversary Contest of Daddy Yashiro’s Journal themed as “A Blog and A Baby”. If you were following this blog you have fortunately witnessed our trials and the blessing that came into our life. I am very thankful to God that both my wife and our baby came through safely. So with no further ado, I am now officially launching the… 3rd blogoversaryFINALThe contest will officially run from June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.  Draw will be on July 2, 2011.

UPDATED June 21,2011

1st Prize - $50.00 through Paypal
2nd Prize - $30.00 through Paypal
3rd Prize - $20.00 through Paypal
Other Special Prizes


Kindly visit my sponsors!

How to join?
Just simply do the following (Take note that these five are the requirements to qualify for the raffle contest each task corresponds with the number of entries.):
1. Take a photo of you, together with your baby / kids or the whole family. Be creative in showing your happy family together. Blog about how you feel about your family. At the end of the blog post place this code below

2. Subscribe to my blog Daddy Yashiro’s Journal email subscription. If you have already subscribed just indicate the email address that you use to subscribe.
3. Join me at Google Connect. If you’re already part of my Google Connect you can just simply indicate the name that you use.
4. Become a fan of Daddy Yashiro’s Journal. Click here.
5. Follow me on Twitter.  Click here
After you have done everything just complete this contest form and submit.

1. Blog post – 5 raffle entries
2. Subscription – 2 raffle entries
3. Joined Google Connect – 1 raffle entry
4. Become a Fan – 1 raffle entry
5. Followed on Twitter – 1 raffle entry

1. Subscribed to Yashirokuru Online!, Kwento ni Toto and Grab Shell Dude – 1 raffle entry each.
2. Joined Google Connect Yashirokuru Online! (I couldn't make the GFC to work on this site), Kwento ni Toto and Grab Shell Dude – 1 raffle entry each.
3. Become a Fan of Yashirokuru Online! – 1 raffle entry.
4. One tweet per account “I joined @YashirosJournal #DaddyYashirosJournal 3rd Blogoversary Contest: A BLOG & A BABY. Join now " – 1 raffle entry.

Participants can earn a total of 18 raffle entries per entrants.

If you feel like sharing the contest badge here it is

3rd Blogoversary contest A BLOG & A BABY

This will be raffled using the usual or common way of doing raffle to make more exciting. I will be recording the raffle and will post it on youtube for the entrants to watch it.  Entrants can only win ONCE, in case the entrants wins twice or thrice the bigger prize will be given to him/her and I will do another raffle for the smaller prize.
After the raffle draw, winners will be notified through their email addresses.
All prizes and rules are subject to change if I may say so. Always check out the updates.

Saturday, June 25

Daddy Day Care: Short Play

Today was a little bit short stay in the house because Daddy attended a seminar which is about promoting peace through technology.  I know some people would laugh about peace but I go for it.  My main reason in attending the seminar is to understand matters that I really should know first hand from people who knows it by heart and I'm disappointed on what I am expecting.  Anyway that's an introduction only I'll have another post about that you can read and learn from.

Okay since I got home around 7:00 the play time with my eldest son is not that much because I really have a very bad headache.  After resting for a while to at least wear off the headache my son tag me to play Plants vs. Zombies.   After a few minutes of playing, my head was really aching so bad that I requested my son to have a last game so that I could take a rest.  Though hesitant he followed me and he even helped me set up the bed (I sleep with them when I'm not feeling well).  I slept for a while.

Though it was a short play, having a little time with them is really one of the great moments that we, parents should not forget.  How about you?  How's your weekend with your family?

Friday, June 24

Friday Toys: Pelican Stuff Toy

I have mentioned from my Friday Toy’s post last week that I’ll be having some featured toys on this blog. So starting today and until next month will be having different toys to feature every Friday. So without any further explanation and babbling, today’s featured toy is a Stuff Toy, a Pelican Stuff Toy.

Pelican1 Pelican2

When my son saw this Pelican Stuff Toy first thing that I ask is what does he remembers when he sees this kind of bird? He instantly replied about the movie Nemo. Yes, indeed it is one of the characters in Nemo but this one is not that exact character but only a Pelican Stuff Toy. The toy is just like any other stuff toy that you can find on the mall. It is made up of Polyester Fiber, Plastic Pellets, and synthetic foam to have a very huggable and squeezable feeling while holding it. It is soft, cool and comfy. The size is just right for a three year old kid to hold and hug it. The stuff toy is good for kids’ ages from three and up. My son loves to hug this little Pelican Stuff Toy.

Pelican3 Pelican4

What’s so special about this stuff toy is that it got a very different kind of feature that is attached to it, a very small plastic envelope that holds a paper in it. It is one of the features of Webkinz and it is inviting kids to adopt a virtual pet online in their website. The paper contains a secret code that can be use to access the Webkinz website. So kids who would really love to see these virtual pets online will just have to use the provided codes. Of course parents should always be there on your kid’s side whenever they are using the internet. So once you take home a stuff toy from Webkinz you’ll get also an instant access code to Webkinz virtual world. Have fun playing with the stuff toy and enjoy surfing the virtual world of Webkinz.

I’m pretty sure if you want to have one of this it is much available here in the Philippines now the only problem that parents would think is the amount of it. Wait for it and watch out for it in the market.

Dad On Running Spirit

After I graduated in college I have never competed in any running event. Though there are lots of events to join, still, I don’t know why opportunities keep on running away from me. Anyway, though they seems to slip away from my path I just content myself on running my way for a healthy lifestyle, by having a jog or a run at least twice a week. It keeps the running spirit in me.


When I got a work away from Manila that was the time that I got so passionate in running. The place was very right and conducive for runners like me. Free of pollution, got lots of trees, and less cars so you can really run free around the area. Of course I do the running before and after office hours since we are billeted inside Clark. I do the running at around 5:00 in the morning before preparing to go to the office and around 6:00 PM after office hours. I also run to get rid of the stress that I get from the office. I did really become a running buff that time but off from any competitions. With my enthusiast in running I even run on Quezon Memorial Circle during weekends and I even tag along my girlfriend to have a jog.  That’s how I run my life during that time.

Daddy's Evolution2

The running keeps on until I married my girlfriend. It only got lessen when I became a Dad. Taking care of my wife and my son is my priority during that time, so, the time for running got lessens. It was a little bit frustrating because of what normally happens to Dads, I’m becoming a little bit big and the threat of having a big tummy is going my way. It got worse when my running shoes already surrendered. I did try to run with slippers but it is not as comfortable as running with shoes. Since most of the resources that we have are mainly diverted to my family needs, good quality running shoes are set aside. I did try to buy some cheap rubber shoes with 8 ½ size but it did not last long and the result on my feet only gives me burns and aching feet. So the running spirit is little by little fading and dimming.


I started running again last year though it’s not as rigid as before, still, I try and manage to run at least once a week just not to let the spirit of running fade away. Dads really need to trim down those bellies. I have already worn out my recent shoes and I really need to have a new one with a very good quality that is just right for my feet. And I think the new brand that will be running around the Philippines soon is just right for it. The product is design for high-impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs and it has a system that enables stress absorption, efficient energy transfer and fast recovery. The brand name is straightforward with no representation, it’s simple and it’s “On-Running”!


Wednesday, June 22

Levytate with Levy


Levy is having a contest on her blog and I believed she also got lots of prizes at stake.  So if you’re a contest lover and loves to join contest jump to her blog to check out the contest mechanics.

Here are the major prizes that are at stake

1st Prize: $200 CASH
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In Search of Online Games for Kids

Dads have always been a good provider for their sons, especially when it comes to their happiness and games are one of the best ways to keep them happy. We, Dads, have always been looking for games or something that will let our kid’s imagination go wild of course while playing and having some fun whether it is online or offline. But we should also be cautious of what we are providing for our kids. There are some online games that look okay on the picture but not good once played by the kids. So Dads should always watch out for everything that they provide for their kids or at least be there to explain if they see something negative on the games.
There are online games that Dads can share to their kids to develop their motor coordination. Some of these are the coordination of the hands and the eyes, the feet and the hands, and other more that will help kids as they grow older. So it is better with simple thing like the coordination of the hands and the eyes. I found some interesting skill games which can help kids with their motor development.
Skill games have different types of online games to choose from, though some of them are really not appropriate for kids. They really have so many varieties of games that game addicts would love to search the entire collection of online games. These can really test one’s skill. Since my son loves to play puzzle I let him get to play one of the puzzle game, of course with my guidance as well. He did manage to complete the half and I just guided him through the other half. It was playing that game together with my son.
PuzzleIf anyone would to play some online games that doesn’t require too much specification maybe you can visit skill games to play some. I think kids and kids at heart would love to play some of the games.

Tuesday, June 21

Contest Updates - June 21, 2011

Good day to everyone!  I would just like to give an update to our on-going contest.  For some unwanted problems with some of the ways to earn points, I have strikeout one of it.  There were technical problems with regards in putting the Google Friend Connect on one of the site.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Up to now there are around six (6) entrants who completed the required task to qualify for the raffle.  To all who hasn't completed the task kindly complete it before June 30, 2011.  To get into the contest post just click the banner below.

3rd Blogoversary Contest A BLOG & A BABY

Monday, June 20

Monday Rush: 2 Boys & A Dad

It’s Monday and it’s a holiday, no work for today and free to do things. Hopefully, but because of some circumstances my wife needs to go to her parents house and settle some things there. It is a family emergency that needs her to be there. She said that it will be just quick and if she’s badly needed just text her. So, early morning and this is what’s rushing my adrenaline, keeping the two boys calm and quiet. Unfortunately the eldest wouldn’t be calm because I have noticed that his not feeling well this morning. His ailing about his tummy and he said that it is aching. I look for the ointment and put some on his tummy to at least cure the aching. Good thing that the youngest is still sleeping on his crib. My wife feed him first before she went off to her parent’s house.

My eldest son tried to sleep to wave off his aching tummy. So with this I get an open opportunity to do some of my online activities. After a few minutes my youngest was awake and is crying. I tried to hush him by singing a lullaby and a humming sound. Few minutes later he was sound asleep again. Now the worst thing happens. Maki complaining about his aching tummy and the youngest woke up crying. Now, isn’t it an adrenaline rush to which one of them you would take care first? So, what I did is that I tried to talk first to my eldest that Malik, my youngest son, need to be taken care first because he is still a baby. I was glad that my eldest son understands it. I carried Malik, hushed him, and sung a lullaby to make him fall asleep. That was the time that I send a message to my wife that Malik is already hungry because believe it or not it’s already an hour and a half had passed since my wife left us so I’m pretty sure that Malik is already hungry. A few minutes later my wife came back and immediately washes his hands, sprinkle an alcohol, and breast feed Malik. Hayyy! I really would know what to do if Malik continues to cry because of hunger I don’t have any stock milk during that time. Perhaps if my wife is gone to long she should leave stored pump milk, at least well enough for the duration that she’ll be gone.

So, how about you? How did you spend the Monday holiday?

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS

Another rainy season, it seems that it started late already. Though the rainy season is now flooding some parts of the country, still the heat of summer lingers around making most of us uneasy during the night. Add up the power failures that are occurring again. Unfortunately one did happened today while I was doing my online projects. The projects were all rush so I really need to go online. Good thing that the other side of the street that my friend lives has electricity in their area. I usually go there if there is no electricity in the house. With my work, I hurriedly went to their house, carrying the broken umbrella on the right arm and my projects on the left arm. Good thing that my friend hasn't got any work today. He too does some online jobs.

I placed my materials in front of the computer, switch the computer on, and waited for the screen to open and upload all the applications. I’m really welcomed in their house, as if I’m one of the family members. Hahaha! I chatted with my friend, R (he does not want to disclose his name here so just an R will do) before the PC opened. A little bit of talk about online things and of course our earnings as well. I clicked one of the browsers that he is using and turned to him and chatted with him again. I’m sure the page load will take a few more second but to my amazement it just took a very quick load. I said “Hey R, your internet connection is fast today. What did you do?” He replied “I had an upgrade!” “Upgrade of Plan?” I asked. “No! PLDT myDSL has this promo for their current subscriber of Plan 3000. The 3 mbps is now raised to 5 mbps!” he eagerly explained. “Really… huh! So can I use your PC for a few more hours?” I asked with a little bit of a joke. Without hesitation he instantly says “Yes! Of course you can!”

So without any further delay I started with my work because I wanted to finish it that instance so I could try to watch some online movies and TV episodes without the disturbance of a buffer. After a few minutes I’m done with my work. Hahaha it’s time to try this new upgraded internet connection. I tried it first on some movie clips on youtube and it was A okay! So I tried to look for the sites that offer online movies for free. Hehehe! At last, found one. I chose a movie with lots of action and 3d effects on it. It was like watching it on a DVD player with high definition. That day was really an internet to sawa. My eyes were really hooked on those movies that I’m watching. After a few movies, feeling tired and sleepy, I didn’t notice that I dozed off already.

Moments later I was awaken by a shake on my shoulder. My wife is waking me up because it was already morning. Huh! It was a dream! I remember I was reading a story of a blogger about his experience of the upgrade of PDLT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa then I fell asleep. It was really an experience that the story made it into my dream as if I was the character itself. Perhaps the story did hypnotize me but for sure the PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa is no dream at all because PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from Zzzz to Woohoo.

I checked their site and it says that PLDT subscribers with Plan 3000 can now avail a free upgrade from 3 MBPS to 5 MBPS. So what do you get out of that upgrade? Well, a whooping and very fast internet connection.  You can enjoy your online movies and games without the buffer. It’s like having it in real time. Subscribers can visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!

I remember when I was once a lowly blogger lurking around the blogosphere, there were not much development and exposure on my part not until I become a Nuffnanger. Blogging with Nuffnang really helps transform from a lowly blogger to a friendly and sociable blogger. Nuffnang did find ways and set a venue for its members to know other members as well.

So Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL are just few companies that give opportunities to TRANSFORM.

Sunday, June 19

Merry With Proactiv or Sorry With Acne

I’m thankful that our family’s skins are fairly fine and we seldom get severe acne problems. If ever that we get some acne problem it does not make a very deep marks on our face or it does not get worst. That’s probably one of the asset that our family have. I’m sure most women would wonder why a Dad like me is talking about acne problems. Actually it is rare for a man to talk about skin problems and how they treat their faces daily, especially for a guy who is not that handsome but have just an ordinary look.

I remember when I was still a bachelor I do have plenty of stuff in my pouch. Most of them are for grooming and body essentials. I have lotion, deodorant, perfume, tooth paste, and facial wash. That was before and now that I’m married those grooming and body essentials had been reduced to deodorant, perfume and tooth paste. The lotion and the facial wash were delisted just to save money for my family. With that, I do get sometimes acne problem but still thankful because it’s not that worst. Perhaps that acne was caused by pollution and irritants in the air since I usually travel on public transport. Still, having a nice clean look will show how you treat yourself.

Now, I think most men who are conscious about how they look and those who have severe acne problem can now addressed that problem with the availability of the New Proactiv in the Philippine market specifically at Watsons. The New Proactiv according to their website is an “acne clearing system that was developed to treat the whole face – helping to both clear blemishes and prevent acne before it starts. Proactive was the first acne treatment system of its kind and is as revolutionary now as it was then”. The New Proactiv contains advanced microcrystal benzoyl peroxide, designed to work faster and gentler. So it means that people with acne problems can now cure their problems and get the confidence that once was lost. Another thing you can vouch for the New Proactiv is the Money Back Guarantee that they are offering. Few companies do the money back guarantee if they really know that there product is an A1 product.

Here are several testimonies of local people who have actually experienced the outcome of the product.

We all have different views on things and on this one it’s all up to us on which product we are going to use. Use this and be merry or don’t use this and be sorry.

Saturday, June 18

Daddy Day Care: Carpentry Works

My day started early, my son Maki wake us up very early. Though I'm still a bit dizzy because of minimal sleep and due to last nights event, I still manage to get up and prepare for the day. As I have planned it I got plenty of things to do. My main priority for today is the wall. I need to finish the double walling so that Gelo (I really would prefer to call him Malik) could have a good space and to avoid falling dirt and cobwebs. Aside from that double walling I need to clean the electric fan. I think I haven't opened it since we both that fan. So that's my duty for the day but I need to take care of our eldest one.

So, after breakfast and some few side activities in the house I started dismantling the electric fan and started cleaning it. When I opened it the dirt was really thick. I don't know how long it is since it was bought but the dirt inside the fan is like a decade already. Cleaned, washed, dried and then assembled it back. Good thing I know a bit about electronics and electrical. I remember that my Mom would always comment me as the "JACK OF ALL TRAITS, MASTER OF NONE".  Hahaha!  I think the Jack of All Traits works because at least I know much.  Hehehe!

Next job, carpentry! I need to finish putting up the wall on Malik's crib area so that there won't be any falling dirt or any other foreign object. That's the only job left to do after finishing the whole room. That's the hardest because I have to make three wholes on it. The exhaust fan area, the switch area and the electrical area. I find it too much saw dust if I use the saw so what I did is that I used the cutter blade. It's much easier to cut those whole than cutting the plywood into pieces. Anyway after a few hours of work, up and down of the plywood I finally finished it.

Hay!  My body is already aching.  Good thing that Mommy, Maki and Malik went to my in-laws on the other side of the street.  At least I get the whole house for myself without disturbance from Maki.  I'm sure if his here I won't finished any of it.  Now my day is over and I need to take a rest for a while.

How was your day?

Friday, June 17

Friday Toys: Watch Out for Featured Toys

This past few days I have been communicating with some people who get to be interested on my reviews and posting about toys. I believed they have found my posts "Toys A Lot" which I have been posting reviews of toys for kids. I'm a Dad so I should try to look at the toys that my kids will be playing. Toys A Lot was my Friday blog posts which later on I decided to change into Friday Toys. Toys from different brands, different ages, and different kinds which my kids might or might not have at all but of course they are toys so as much as possible I would try to at least provide them good toys that they can play with. So after a few exchange of communication, I agreed to make a review of their toys. At first I was hesitant because of some thoughts. Personal thoughts that is no concern of others. Anyway so like I said I agreed to make a review and they've asked for my postal address in which praying I gave them my postal address. There are undesirable things happens these days that's why I'm a bit hesitant.

This morning I was disturbed by my wife's call and she instantly told me that the toys have arrived already. She kept it still inside the box to avoid being seen by my son or any other kids in the house. It would be a big problem if they would see it.

So, starting next week I'll be featuring some toys of which I have hold and touch for the readers. It's really a privilege to be chosen as reviewer of such toys. So better watch out for it.

Kids Involvement

Why is it important to involved kids in family's decision making and in unlikely situation?

In the past, kids are always shut off by the parents when there are decision making needed to address and problems to solve because of this, based on what I have observed from other kids, most kids attitude lean towards an easy go lucky person. They don't care of the family's situation and what they only care is about themselves. That's what happen to some of whom I know. It is really important for the kids to be involve much in the Family, it makes them realize their value in the family and they learn to value the family.

I remember my mother always tell a story about me when I was a kid. She said that I would always ask first if they have money before I ask for something to buy. If they say they have that's the time that I would ask if they could buy me something but if they don't have I would just say okay maybe next time. With this my mother was very proud of me. Now that I'm a father I also teach my son the same thing that my mother have taught me and I'm glad that it's working to my son.

Just recently we had a really bad crisis, which we are facing the effect until now, good thing that we have taught him to be patient and contented. He cooperate with us by not demanding toys or anything that he wants whenever we pass a toy store. He would just say "I like that Daddy, you have money?", disappointing that I could not provide it to him but fulfilling because he understand our situation. If I said I don't have he would just say "okay, next time Daddy" then he would wave good bye to the toys after admiring it. I'm thankful to God that my son is like this.

It's good that kids should know the present situation or condition of the family. It's a practice for them to be responsible.

How's was your kid doing? Do you involve them in family decision?

Don't forget to join our contest! Cash prizes through paypal awaits you!
3rd Blogoversary Contest A BLOG & A BABY

Tuesday, June 14

Dad Enjoys the KWC Blogger’s Night

Last month I was able to attend a great night out with some of the Pinoy Bloggers. We were invited to attend a karaoke night organized by the Karaoke World Championships Philippines. I know it was a Saturday Night and I should be home taking care of the kids but hey, Dad’s also needs to go out and have a bit of fun. After all, weeks before that event were very stressful and tormenting. I’m just saddened that my wife couldn’t join with me. She also loves to sing.

KWC-Bloggers-Event11 KWC-Bloggers-Event9

The night was fun and they were very accommodating. I did enjoy the food, the singing, and the experience. I felt we were in a comedy bar with singing, some slight jokes and lot laughs. The emcees manage to keep the night alive for everybody. I think all the bloggers attended the event ended their night with a smile on their faces.

KWC-Bloggers-Event7 KWC-Bloggers-Event3 KWC-Bloggers-Event1 KWC-Bloggers-Event2 KWC-Bloggers-Event10

The Karaoke Night for Bloggers event was organized to introduce the Karaoke World Championships which was an event held annually since 2003. Unfortunately, ever since the Karaoke World Championship started no Filipino has ever joined the said competition, knowing that we Filipinos are very fond of singing in Karaoke or Videoke Bars. After having the right or license to conduct the Philippine Trials for the Karaoke World Championships, they started organizing and marketing the said competition. Another thing is that they were able to let us feel how the selection or the trials will go about by having a little singing contest that night. At first I thought it was just a mere singing so I presented myself early before the program and fortunately, they did put me first into the spotlight. We all know that it’s hard being the first. I think there were thousands of butterflies in my stomach the time my name was called. It made my voice go up and down and loose air. Final verdict, it was disastrous singing first. Anyway, thanks for that experience and I do hope I could overcome that butterflies next time (if there’s a next time).


The Karaoke World Championships Philippines is aiming for three goals. First is to join the 2011 Karaoke World Championships in Killarney, Ireland and every year thereafter, second is to have a male and female Filipino contestants win the Karaoke World Championships, and third is to host the Karaoke World Championships in the Philippines. Last May 30, 2011 they have started the daily trials and will end on July 9, 2011. The finals will be held on July 23, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. The best male and female karaoke singers will have a chance to represent our country on the Karaoke World Championships in Killarney, Ireland. Lets pray that Filipinos will grab the championship for this year. Go Pinoys!


KWC e-poster

Sunday, June 12

Preparing For Maki’s 1st Day of School

We have prepared some of the things that Maki would need on his first day of school tomorrow. I have bought him his preferred Ben 10 Bag which is a trolley bag. I don’t know why he preferred to have red which in his first request he wanted have an orange Ben 10 bag but maybe it was due to the presented colors during the time that we bought the bag. His school uniforms were already tailored according to his measurements. I’ll just hope that they will iron the school uniform tomorrow. I won’t be around during his first day of school but I will be leaving the camera to Mommy to take a shot of Maki going to school and entering his class room. And of course coming home from school.  It’s a milestone for him and of course we want keep a photo of him on his first day of school. The very first day!

school-bag school-uniform

I think it was last Friday or Thursday that I have heard on the radio about a father who dressed up with different costume every morning and waving at the bus shuttling his son to school. Then later on read it on some of the blogs. Since tomorrow would be Maki’s first day to school perhaps I’ll be keeping a record of him every day something to remember every day. I’m sure most of the people surfing the net have already seen this father and their blog. Here’s a video of the father wearing costumes every school days. 

You can visit their blog Wave At The Bus and see their daily posts.

So how about you?  How’s your preparations for the school days?

Saturday, June 11

Experiencing Converse Block Party

When street parties are mentioned, the only parties that I know locally are fiestas (festivals) where there are parades, games, dancing and contest on the street. I think it is similar to what the US celebrates during their Fourth of July Block Parties. The only thing that differs is how it is called and the rest is almost the same. Block Parties are commonly celebrated in the United States to involve the whole community, making each member of the community relate to each other.


A few weeks ago a block party was celebrated, The Converse Block Party! It was held at the SM Mall of Asia and I was lucky to be there.  It is their last blast before summer ends. Of course, yours truly were there to experience the said event, though the weather has started to change already. I think summer has started to fade away that’s why the weather is cloudy with a bit of rain showers. The event was almost whole day including the event that will be done during the night. So to avoid any hassle, though I was instructed that I can come to the event anytime, I still managed to go there just in time. Good thing that I came there early at least I get to have a chance to talk with the organizers, the designers, and some people of the Converse Philippines. I was able also to ask some few questions regarding their latest shoes and apparels. Then I was tour around the event where there is the photo booth, freedom wall, drawing areas for the artists, 3D room, skateboard rinks, food area when you get hungry and the music on the stage with some DJs mixing.

converse-block-party-marco-jen converse-block-party-shoes converse-block-party-bags converse-block-party-shoes-bags-apparels

You can see skateboarders freely doing there exhibitions and stunts. Skateboarding is just one of my frustrations. During my younger years I used to play skateboard but of course without, yet, the exhibition stuff. I did enjoy it! The event also held an exhibition basket game played by some of the known basketball players of different colleges and universities. And on the night there were musical performances from various artists like Callalily, Gloc 9 and others. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay up until the night for some reason. Top it all, it was fun being there and experiencing it.

converse-block-party-stage converse-block-party-music-djs converse-block-party-chuck-taylor-design converse-block-party-picture-booth converse-block-party-basketball converse-block-party-skateboarding converse-block-party-graffiti-art converse-block-party-yashirokuru2 converse-block-party-yashirokuru1 converse-block-party-yashirokuru converse-block-party-graffiti-art-shoes converse-block-party-graffiti-art-spraypainting

It was fun but I like most are the new set of shoes and apparels that they have. Since I get a chance to have a talk with one of their bag designers I should say that I like his thought on how he designs the bags. As we all know, today there are lots of gadgets popping out in the market. He did well integrate the functionality and yet instill the fashionable style of converse bags. I did also ask some questions with regards to some new shoes. I really don’t know if I did have a Chuck Taylor shoes. It was very popular during my time. Just don’t ask when that was.

So here are some of the new designs of their shoes and bags which I’m sure if your a converse fan you’ll definitely love these.  

Bag and pillow in one! Casually small, perfect for school Converse Back to School Back Pack Parade Small but mighty utility bags

I simply love the design of the bags.  Main purpose is FUNCTIONALITY with the design standard of Converse.

A splash of orange against a backdrop of geometry  Marimekko Pikkusuomu gets an added touch of color! Batman swoops to save the day Don't joke around with The Joker Embroidered perfection Superman Classic Way to go team It's a Poorman ballgame (P 2,950 - 3,190) Star Tech Revival (P 3,750) Sicks and Triumph in Converse Sicks (P 5,430) and Converse Triumphant (P 3,990)

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