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Saturday, July 30

Daddy Day Care: Daddy & Mommy is Out

Unfortunately there's no Daddy Day Care today because Daddy and Mommy went out to attend some events somewhere in the Metro.  Poor Maki and Gelo they were left in the house with their Lola though we have some few moments with them before we leave.  We were able to have our breakfast and some little fun.   Right before we leave we promised our son, Maki that we will bring present when we come back.

Leaving the kids sure makes me and my wife feel bad but we really have to do in order to have some sidelines and other stuff that we can use and earn during those activities that we attend to.   Dads and Moms really should try to make most of their times as productive as possible.  We need to be practical and creative at the same time.  So mainly, we were all day out of the house.  Good thing that Mommy don't have any activity during the evening because Dad needs to attend the batch reunion.

Perhaps that's a different story to tell.

How did you propose?

I know for sure, guys who are married got their own shares of unique wedding proposal.  It may be simple like just having a dinner for two and then you’ll going to pop out an engagement ring out of nowhere or a simple walk in a beach admiring the beauty of the place and soon after admiring how you love her by kneeling down with an engagement ring on your hand.  Some even go beyond and make impossible possible with whatever resources that they have.  One classic example is renting the entire restaurant for a night with some musicians playing classical music then the guy will pull out a ring which he specifically choose from a design your own engagement rings jewelry shop and with a loud voice will ask for the woman if she could marry him.  Whatever the style, the presentation, and the way proposal are presented it only boils down to one thing “Will she accept what you are offering”.  Fortunately I got mine accepted and now we’re going on our 6th year of marriage with two kids. 

My marriage proposal was just simple.  I did try to know where to buy some diamond ring that is just right for my budget.  Unfortunately, there’s none that fits into my budget.  There were some friends who suggested where to buy diamonds online then look for someone who can make the ring locally and in according to my specifications but unluckily budget is still one of the main problem.   Well to make the story short I ended up with a nice cute silver crafted ring with some small stones on it.  Not cheap but right enough to make the proposal complete.   So where did I propose?  Well, it’s in one of the lovely beaches in Batangas.  Not well known but I find lovely.  It’s a two family outing which later on turns out to an event asking for the permission of her father.  Thankfully her father agrees and as well both families gave their blessings to both of us. 

There are guys who would really try to go beyond their capacity to have a very unique wedding proposal and some even try to have the very fancy engagement rings which were bought in famous jewelry stores in los angeles, in paris, in houston, and in some other part of the world, it’s awesome that guys get too creative for their special someone.  There are two videos of wedding proposals that I really find great.  Enjoy watching!

Friday, July 29

Green Lantern Toys: Hal Jordan

Image from
Now we are featuring the final and the main character of the Green Lantern toy series, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The Earth’s very own Green Lantern. The Hal Jordan action figure package is composed of the Hal Jordan, a small Green Lantern Lamp, and a piece of the largest collect and connect figure which is composed of 14 collectible pieces. By the way the name of the collect and connect figure is called Parallax which became the main enemy of the Green Lantern Corp. In the entire story of Green Lantern and according to what I have read, there quite few characters in the DC Comics that became the Green Lantern. Some of them are Alan Scot, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan. Of all the characters of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is the most famous of all.
Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan8 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan9
The Hal Jordan action figure is what a real action figure should be, because of the mobility of its body parts. The head can be twisted and it can also be nod. The entire arms are really movable.  Just like a real persons arms which can be twisted, turned, and rotated from the shoulders down to the fist. The torso can also be twisted, giving the entire half of the body with a little feel how it moves. The entire legs as well are movable, from the hips down to the ankle are astoundingly movable. So if you love stop motion movies you can actually use the Green Lantern Character to make your own version of a stop motion animated movie.
 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan1 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan2 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan3 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan4 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan5 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan6Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan7
The entire figure is made of mainly pbc plastic materials which are commonly used in any other manufactured action figure toys. It is really good for the grownups and kids ages 4 years old and up.  Perhaps, it can also be played by kids 3 years old and below if and when there’s supervision of parents but I discourage that because they might get some parts that could choke them. Prize wise, I’m not sure how much it is but for sure this will be really worth the cost.

That’s complete our Green Lantern toy series and I do hope that you can find your ideal Green Lantern toy to choose from.

More toys to come and more toys to be featured here in this blog.

$800 Worth of Prizes & Giveaways!

Three of the WAHMs (Work-At-Home-Moms) in the blogosphere, namely Sam, Kaye & Ruby, are celebrating their birthdays this July.  To share the blessings that they have been receiving they've decided to have a big bash of Cash, Prizes and Giveaways and take note its worth $800.  So here it is...

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway


What are the prizes that at stake?  Well here they are...


$100 CASH


$80 CASH


$60 CASH






So are you excited to JOIN?  Well just visit WAHMs for the whole details of the contest.

Wednesday, July 27

Checking For the Rates

As a daddy blogger and as an online part time worker, it is important for me to check once in a while the exchange rates of some countries that I have clients, especially if I’m almost done with my work and near requesting for payments for completed tasks. It is better to know the prevailing exchange rate so that I won’t get surprised if there are some changes in the amount that I receive. Exchange rates do fluctuate sometimes so it is better be informed and knowledgeable of the matter. Though most of my clients use USD or US Dollars, it is not hard for me to convert and check for the exchange rate. Since US Dollars is widely used, it easy to ask and get information on what is the prevailing exchange rate.

I remember one time reading the post of one of my blogger friends’ message on Facebook concerning about the payment that she receives. According to her the payment was in pound but I don’t know what kind of pound she receives. Are there any other pound currencies aside from British Pound? I’m not really sure. Anyway, she continued that it was a payment from one of her earnings. I think she have said that it was a payment for a certain website company in that area. I checked online the exchange rates from gbp to usd and usd to gbp. As I looked it was really high and I asked if she could treat us. Though it was just a joke I was hoping that she would fall it. Hahaha! Anyway it was really nice that you can actually check gbp usd exchange rates in an instance because of the internet. It helps a lot and makes the world a lot smaller.

Kitchen & A Long List

I never expected to make a leave today but it seems that there's a must because of the recent continues rain fall. The roof's brace of our kitchen has finally comes to its doom and that's because of the termites. Now I got to fix it before it cause much more damaged. I just hope that I got enough materials to be used to fix it. Perhaps after I fix it I can attend to my long list of things to do.

After becoming active in blogging and attending events, I got myself tied to a very hectic and long list of things to do. Hay! Who says blogging is easy but it's fun and exciting. Woohoo!

Sparkling Advocacy

Whenever I read or hear the word diamonds, there are two things that I remember. One is the song “Diamonds are Girls Best Friend” and the other one is the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”. Why? Let us just say that it is something that I associate with the word diamonds. Diamonds are truly girls’ best friend because diamonds reflects the beauty of every girl who wears it. Diamonds creates a sparkling light that catches the attention of every man. For the girls diamonds make them feel good whether it is a plain diamond ring, a fancy one like the 3 stone princess diamond ring, or a necklace with full of diamonds, as long as it has diamond.

On the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, the story touches something about diamonds which led the leading man to grab the bet of making a woman fall in love in ten days. If you have watch the movie then you’ve probably know what happened. It got sparkling diamonds and glaring beauties.

Diamonds can be found in most jewelry stores but having a very exquisite and extraordinary design can only be seen in such known and popular places. One of them is the Jewelry store in Houston. They got a wide variety of diamonds which are considered class A1 in the diamond industry. Some of them are the AGS ideal diamonds, Round Ideal Cut diamond or the A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows, the Ideal Princess Cut diamond or the A CUT ABOVE Princess and a whole lot more.

This diamond company adheres to some humanitarian treaties and agreements with regards to the sources of their diamonds. They make sure that the quality of diamonds that they are getting is not a product of conflicts in certain countries. They also make sure that they are helping the community not destroying it, by that the company initiated a funding program for the children in Africa. For every sales of a designer line of conflict-free diamonds 100% of it goes to the fund. So if you’re looking for great diamond ring to present to your fiancĂ© or future wife it is better that you choose any of the best conflict free diamond engagement rings and help the children in Africa.

Saturday, July 23

Daddy day Care: Family Time w/ Private Iris

A very tiring and fun day today! It’s just another bonding moment with my wife, my son plus my wife’s niece Pepay. Pepay is the only girl in the Montas Family, most of the offspring are boys so the family treat her as a princess. Since Pepay will be taking cared by my mother-in-law, my wife and I decided to bring along Pepay with us in one of the events that we are attending to. I don’t know if Maki was delighted to go to the event or Pepay was with us. Anyway so went off to the event at Greenbelt, Ayala. I think this was the first time that Pepay went out this far.


This is Pepay, my wife’s niece.

We rode a public utility vehicle that runs like an ambulance. I don’t know if his having an LBM or what. Though both Maki and Pepay fall asleep, still I don’t like how the driver runs the jeepney. He’s not in a race track and what his carrying with him are the lives of his passengers. Hay! Why is it that there are drivers like that? Okay so much with that rant about those annoying PUV drivers. Though my wife and my son got scared of the jeepney ride I would still thank him for bringing us fast at the MRT.

That ride really make our day a little bit scary good thing that our next ride doesn’t have to go very fast but the only thing that is not good about this second ride is the people. Since the MRT is the fastest way to travel a number of people choose this better than riding a bus. So meaning, training couches were not enough to accommodate extreme quantity of passengers, especially during rush hours.

When get inside the station and to the platform, there were already quite a number of passengers waiting for the train. We looked for an area with lesser mass of people. When the train arrived, we get in and there were no available seats. Good thing that there were two good Samaritans who offered their seats to us since we were carrying kids. I really commend and praise those two people. Take note one of them is a lady who chooses to stand just to give way for my wife who’s carrying Pepay and the other one is, I don’t know if his a Chinese, Korean, or Singaporean because he looks foreigner to me, a guy who offered me his seat. Shame on those guys who let a lady offers her seat instead of them. Again a BIG THANK YOU to those two. Though we did not get their names but the thought of their deeds will be remembered. I just hope that MRT will try to at least make a banner of thanks or praise for those who make such deeds. They are not boasting about it may be with that action by MRT or even LRT will boost others to do the same as well.


When we arrived at Ayala, Pepay glared her eyes with what she sees while Maki is jumping with excitement. We walked our way through different malls and straight to Powerbooks at Greenbelt 4. It’s great that malls were connected with bridges. We arrived just in time for Maki to have a little bit of coloring before the entire activity starts. We met with Mommy Bedai, which is by the way the one who invited us to join that event. After registering and getting the 3D glasses, Maki and Mommy went to a small table with crayons and papers. While they were busy coloring I took some shots of the area and some of the comic books of Private Iris. Mommy Bedai even introduce me to the Jaime Bautista, the writer of the Private Iris. There were lots of kids there and Maki, still shy, couldn’t go in the middle without being led.

Private-Iris32 Private-Iris31 Private-Iris33 Private-Iris34 Private-Iris28 Private-Iris30 Private-Iris25 Private-Iris26 Private-Iris17 Private-Iris18 Private-Iris14 Private-Iris16 Private-Iris11 Private-Iris12

The event was the launching of Private Iris’ Case No. 17 Going Pinoy in which there are portion of the comic book that are in 3D that’s why there are 3D glasses. Private Iris is a comic book for kids just like the comic book of know superheroes. I think I could compare it with some of the known cartoon characters in the Cartoon Network. Some of their sponsors were Alaska and Powerbooks. The event showcased games that are played by most Pinoys but I think it was during our time when internet and computer games weren’t known yet. Anyway, good that it is being introduced to this generation. Some of the games showcased and played by kids were the Dama, Sungka, and the Piko or Hotch Scotch. They even have a backdrop of a jeepney, perhaps they made it because of the title of Private Iris’ Case No. 17 which is “Going Pinoy”. There were also games played by some of the kids, unfortunately Maki is again too shy to join. There were also story telling activity and the most awaited portion of all activities, the raffle. Shocks were not very lucky when it comes to raffle. Anyway Maki and Pepay did enjoy the event. We did buy one comic book for Maki and there were some features of the Private Iris that we would really want to know more and understand how it works. For that time we just wanted to have that book and signed by the writer itself.

Private-Iris5 Private-Iris1 Private-Iris23 Private-Iris20 Private-Iris21 Private-Iris22

After the Private Iris event we went to Glorietta and had our snack at McDonalds. Mommy also bought this Coca Cola Glass Can. The way to the MRT Station is still far and having two kids with us is really an exercise. Hehehe!

When we got to the MRT Station we decided not to take train because of the large number of people. We don’t know if we’ll be able to have a seat there or we might get squeezed by those mass of passengers. So, we decided to take the time consuming bus ride. We get into a bus and settled. Later on Maki and Pepay were asleep. The bus ride back home took almost 1 ½ hours in which gives us a little bit of time to take a nap. Thank God that we got home safe and sound.

Private-Iris2 Private-Iris3  Private-Iris6

You can actually try viewing the 3D effect here. If you have 3D glasses try to view this one.  Just wait for your eyes to adjust. Private-Iris4

Friday, July 22

Green lantern Toys: Tomar-Re

For today toy in Friday toys we are featuring the second minor character in the Green Lantern. The name of the character is Tomar-Re! So who is Tomar-Re?


According to some information on the net Tomar-Re was an alien, a Xudarian race from the planet Xudar. He was the close friends of Abin Sur which later on replaced by Hal Jordan. Just like Abin Sur, Tomar-Re became one of Hal Jordans friends and support during difficult times.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re3 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re9

The Tomar-Re action figure is the smallest of the three toys that has been release by Mattel. The mobility of the toy is limited because the only parts that can be rotated are the head, the arms and the legs. So unlike Kilowog, the figure that can be posed in Tomar-Re is less.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re2 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re8

The Tomar-Re action figure comes with a battle shifter. So mainly it is a whole package that comes with another toy. Scorpion Assault Tomar-Re is the name of the whole package because of the battle shifter that comes with it. The battle shifter does not look exactly the same as a scorpion but is actually a representation only. It is a shield that transform into a Scorpion Assault when slightly pressed. Tomar-Re uses this shield when engaging in battle. I think it is much better if the arms, legs, and torso have the mobility like the toy Kilowog.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re5 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re7 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re6

The toy got some parts that can really cause choking when played by kids lower the 3 years old. So parents be attentive if the little ones might get a hold of this toy. Always be safe when giving toys to your kids.

Wednesday, July 20

Demo Family on TV!

"Uy! I see your mother and sister on TV!", "Is that your Mom!", "Your family is a celebrity now!"... these are the comments and reactions I've heard after the airing of a TV program last June 13. Yes, my parents and sister's family are seen on TV and was interviewed. Too bad, I'm not yet home when they were interviewed. Anyway here's the video of the interview.

The story behind will be posted here soon, so better watch out for it.

Monday, July 18

Monday Rush: Her Blog

MAG Life
Well, Monday Rush has not made any rush articles these past few Mondays err actually there are lots of rush things to do and one of them is joining the contests but it seems that I am becoming a little bit lazy to do things. It’s just like one of Bruno Mars song “The Lazy Song”. Here’s one of its line “…today I’m not doing anything…” But I really have to do things I just need some boost and a little tap on my shoulder about how I was doing. Also I need to make double effort because my wife has decided to blog again. She became fond of joining contest and attending events. Unfortunately, I still need to teach her more about blogging. Anyway, good thing that she’s taking interest again in blogging. Now we can have two chances on most of the contests if she’s eligible already. Her blog is on general topic, mainly she can write about anything that she wants but for now my wife is trying to put a topic each day of the week. Of course her main concerns are all about us, the MAG (Marco, Anarc & Gelo) of her life. Her blog is MAG of My Life.
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