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Tuesday, January 17

Breastfeeding Matters

First of all I'm a DAD so let's just make it clear. Okay!

What's the fuss with breastfeeding?  Well, as my usual routine of checking on my email at I was able to read one of the articles there that talks about Sesame Street teaching kids about breastfeeding.   Not a big commotion but this topic seems to be taking it's noise on a different level.

First let's put in first what is about breastfeeding.  According to what I always notice when my wife feeds our baby, breastfeeding is the way of feeding an infant with breast milk directly from the female human breasts rather than a feeding bottle.   Since babies don't have the ability yet to consume solid foods milk is their essential need.  Breast milks are much better because it has all the nutrients that babies need to be strong and healthy.

Okay back to the topic about Sesame Street.  Since Sesame Street is the most watched TV show for kids I think there's nothing wrong with it being a medium to information kids and mothers as well the importance of breastfeeding.  I think Sesame Street producers only wanted to let the parent and child relationship more open. Aside from that it is the reality and whether we like it or not kids will always ask about those matters so it's better to be open than hiding it from them or letting them get the wrong perception about the matter.  Another thing is that at least kids would know what to feed to babies.  It will also avoid any accidents when kids are joined with the babies.

Above is a portion of the Sesame Street episode where Buffy (the Mom) is nursing to her child Cody and she's telling it to Big Bird.  For me there's nothing wrong with it and besides there was no breast exposure on it.  Perhaps it's just a matter of how it is shown.  I usually find other moms who breastfeed but wasn't exposing any part of the skin.

I think with the present situation or the generation of today are much better taught about the reality of life in a proper and right manner rather than telling them about the bees and flowers.  Curiosity kills and that's what happened to most teens, they get into danger because of their curiosity.
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