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Tuesday, January 10

Getting Kids to Listen

The other day (I think), I was watching one of the episode of Spoon and the guest was Andrew E.  There were one part of the episode that is the eating portion and of course the sharing of thoughts and ideas of the guest and the host (Janice).  One of the ideas that Andrew E. shared was about his experience with his kids.  The reality when kids did something Moms first reaction is to shout and they wanted immediate response from the kids which causes the kids not to listen but according to Andrew E's experience he just whisper to his kids for them to really realize and understand about the matter. It's a very good point of view for a celebrity Dad.  He even did give other tips and ideas.  Perhaps parents should watch that episode and learn more.

My son, Maki, is already 4 years old.  Both, Mommy and I, are really having a hard time making him listen to us.  Aside from him being active and talkative his really not much of a listener.  I think we have tried most of the child-friendly ways to persuade him to listen to us but it seems that it's not working much on him.  Perhaps we need more suggestion and information on how to make him listen to us.  There were some time that he would listen if one of us, Mommy and I, are not around. 

I don't know much how other parents are doing with their kid, especially with this age.  I'm very much hoping to hear some of their ways and their parenting. 
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