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Saturday, February 25

Daddy Day Care: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Daddy Day Care and Daddy Yashiro has headache!  No LPG in the house which forced me to cook on charcoal.  Whew!  Very hard to cook on this one.  It takes time to cook those dishes.  I think I cooked breakfast and lunch, straight without putting off the heat.  Anyway, I still manage to cook it off.

While cooking we did had our breakfast and right before the clock strikes twelve I was finished cooking our lunch.  Menu, "Nilagang Buto-Buto"!  Not really sure how it is called in English but it is boiled ribs with baguio pechay and potatoes.  I think it taste just well because my wife ate it.

Dinner time!  Well, we had our dinner at Sbarro since we still have GC to spend with.  It was really a tummy filler.  Thanks God for the blessings!
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