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Sunday, February 19

Daddy Day Care: Covering An Event With Maki

It's rare that I bring along my kids with when covering an event, of course bringing your little ones will for sure get you off of what you are supposed to do as a blogger.  But fortunately, Saturday event was inclined with family affairs and since it's Daddy Day Care time I bring along Maki with me.   I just talked to him that he should behave while Daddy is covering the event.

The 3-day Sale of SM City Sta. Mesa is the event to cover and there's an odd feeling coming back to the place where I used to stroll around while waiting for the next class.  Yes! My school is just a short ride away from SM City Sta. Mesa.  But it's really nice reminiscing old memories.

When we got to the place I immediately coordinated with SM City Sta. Mesa staff (his name is Jack) and proceeded by covering first the parade which Maki enjoyed seeing those mascot.  Of course Maki sees his favourite, none other than Jollibee, and some other mascots waving hi to everybody.   After the parade, we roam around the mall and we did spent most of the time at the for kids and toy section of the department store.  Truly, there were great buys and good discounts.  There was an item that Maki would love to have but I said sorry to him because it's not in the range of our budget for that day.  Good thing that my kid can be convinced and talked to easily.  He just wave his hands and said bye-bye to that mini table set for kids.

After that tiring and leg cracking walk around the mall scouting for the item that we would love to buy, we met with  Jack and introduced us to the franchise owner of the Adobo Connection and of course had our early dinner.  From the name of the place it really sound Pinoy because of the adobo.

From their list of different adobo types I was able to taste some of their dishes.  Since I really enjoyed dishes cooked with coconut milk I get to try their Adobo sa Gata which is a chicken cooked in a normal adobo style and mixed with coconut milk.  I also get a choice whether to make it spicy or not, since I had Maki with me I choose the not spicy one.  Afterwards we were offered desserts and I picked the Pandan Jelly.  It got an ice toppings and Maki ate all those ice cream and left me with the Pandan Jelly.  Hay kids....

A 3-Day Sale would not be complete without some show and performances from different celebrities, so for that day they have Aaron Villena hosted by one of the DJs of Tambayan 101.9 FM DJ Jasmin.  Fans did make that ear busting shriek when Aaron Villena started singing and moving towards the audience.

Anyway, Maki and I did have a wonderful day at SM City Sta. Mesa!

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