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Friday, March 23

Changing Diapers 101 for Dads

Okay I know this is quite messy and also smelly but Moms and Dads have to endure this because we don't want our babies to get rashes.  So, what am talking about well, what else but it's about changing the diapers of our babies.  I'm pretty much sure most of the Moms gone through or is still going through with this and about the Dads, well, I don't the percentage of who does and who does not.  

So, for the benefit of the Dads, here's a video clips of how to change the diapers.  This clips are not mine but I was able to scour it on and hoping that I would not get flagged sharing this here on my blog.  

So Dads and to those parents to be, pay close attention  to the video because you'll be doing this for quite some time.

Or you can refer to this video if you're travelling, especially in your own car.   This really can be smelly inside the air conditioned car.  Hehehe!

Finished!  There's always a first time so try to get relaxed and calm because if you don't you might end up having poop all over the place or worst on yourselves.  So just follow everything step by step and just make sure you got everything prepared.  When your done just make sure to seal it off and throw it in a proper place, a covered garbage can much better!

Happy changing!
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