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Friday, March 30

Friday Toys: Plush Hood & Rubic's Cube

While waiting for an event I happen to let my time pass at a video arcade.  We often do this when we're with our sons during our weekend bonding moment.  For this time I'm all by myself and I find the place really amusing because there were one game that you can actually win tokens.  Hmm... this looks good!  So I tried that game for a few minutes, just to get the hang of it.  When I finally figured it out, I'm in the game!  After a few minutes of playing I already won about a hundred pieces of tokens, that's the time I decided to roam around for something to win for my kids.  I have a hundred plus tokens to spend it anyway.

Gladly, they have also the same game that we were playing to get tickets in exchange for toys and stuff.  I fired away and was able to grab 600 plus tickets.  I did get two jackpots and some high points, good thing that their numbers to win is quite different from the other place that we usually hangout.

I got a bit tired of playing and brought the tickets to the redemption booth.  I scanned all of their toys with the amount tag this is what I got....

A plush hood for my little Malik (Gelo) and a Rubic's Cube for my eldest Maki.

The plush hood is an animal and I think it's a Lemur, not really sure but it's something like that.  Like any other materials used for the plush toys, it has the same quality, soft and it's just right for my little baby.   Though the hood is much bigger than him (Malik), still he looks cute with it.

The Rubic's Cube, well it's not the original one but I think the make of the item is some what okay and fine, especially when twisting and turning the cube.  My problem is that I need to get a video or a manual of the steps and tricks perhaps on how to put it back again.  My eldest son Maki had already twisted and turned it.  I could only make at least two side of the cube.  I really what to teach Maki with that Rubic's Cube.

So this are their new toys for now, cheap yet exciting to have and play with!  How about you what's the cheapest toy you ever had for your kids but of course it should be exciting and with purpose?
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