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Tuesday, March 13

Gelo on His 10th Month

Time does really fly and before you know it, it's already gone.  I remember last year when Gelo came out of this world, he was so small and so fragile.  Seeing him inside the incubator with different apparatus attached to him does really break my heart.  I was really hard looking at your son with that situation.  I pray that I won't have to see things like that again.  

On the day that Gelo was cleared to be taken home, my wife, was really shocked a bit seeing how small he was.  I, myself really don't know how I would carry him. His size was almost was the same as my hand.  It was really scary to hold a baby that size.

When we arrived the house, it was a celebration and praises to God for guiding our family.  For, both, my wife and my baby for keeping them safe during the delivery.

Now, Gelo is already 10 months and we're still keeping him off from threats of illnesses.  As much as possible we want to complete all his vaccines to keep him strong and resistant from viruses.

We celebrated his 10th month with a little family lunch with spaghetti.  It's to celebrate his wellness and for more blessings.
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