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Thursday, March 22

What To Do If You Win $800 at Hello Spring Cash Giveaway!

Well, if you happen to get $800 what are you going to do with it?  I'm sure most of us will definitely spend it but the only difference would be how are we going to spend it.

For me, since it will be exchange in Philippine peso and I think it will roughly be Php32,000.00.   Hmm that's really a big amount already and it's tempting to use in buying gadgets and other stuff in the house but since we're in crisis perhaps I would pay most of my debts and have a wonderful Christening and Birthday Celebration for Malik (Gelo).  Yes, unfortunately Malik is not yet baptized though he has been dedicated already.  That's why I'm turning things up-side-down just to get enough sources for that celebration.  So, if there are gracious sponsors out there (companies, group, individuals, friends and relatives) it would be greatly appreciated.

Raising that amount will take time and my son's birthday will be on May already so I'm praying to win from Diva Fabulosa and Freedie Junkie's Hello Spring! Cash Giveaway.

If you want to know more about the mechanics and details of this contest, just simply visit the blog MY TOTS EXACTLY!  It would be great if we win!

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