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Monday, May 21

Family Bonding Moment at Quezon City Circle

After Gelo was born there are things that we have not done as a whole family and that's because of his condition.  We couldn't just bring him to a place that we don't know his too sensitive. 

Pre-term babies are really sensitive and are delicate.  Family outings and travel should always be thought thoroughly.  Parents should have enough preparation to avoid any possible negative things to happen. 

So for the first time we brought Gelo to Quezon City Circle for play and bonding moment.  When Maki was still a toddler we often visit this place.  Maki learns to walk here. 

Maki and Gelo did enjoy it.  My parents, in-laws and my sister's family were also there to enjoy the small fun at the park. 

There were lots of things change in Quezon City Circle and most of them I personally don't like.  Though they did have lots of new activity areas to enjoy with, still, I'd rather like the old look of the park with lots of green grass to run around.  They have turned some grass areas into concrete and put some fake grasses.  Yes they have created beauty but they've forgot the essence of a park, the grass and the trees.

Anyway, enough with the sentiments. 

Gladly, we're all happy because we were able to have that little family bonding moment.    We do pray to have more of bonding time.

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