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Friday, June 8

Friday Toys: Ferrari Toy Car

Daddy Yashiro the Pinoy Daddy Blogger here having a journal of the weekly Friday Toys.  For this day I'm featuring one of our collection, the Ferrari Toy Car.

For most Dads and dudes, I'm sure they know already the name Ferrari and when talked about, it only boils to one thing but car racing.  This toy car is a miniature replica of the original Ferrari car.  The ratio of this model car compared to the original is 1:38.  Usually err I think they have the right to on this, anyway this certain petroleum company releases this line of toy car models.

I started collecting their line of model toy cars last 2007 which I was able to get to sets of that series.  One set was allotted for collection and the other set for my eldest son's play time. 

This toy car and the like usually comes with an indication that the toy is only allowed for kids aging from 3 years old and above but since it's a rare toy car I get for my sons.  Of course parents should always be there when they are playing but of course it is discourage to let the kids play with toys that is not appropriate for their age.

Well, that's it for now and I hope that I can feature more of their toy cars. Hopefully they are still in one piece!
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