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Friday, June 22

Friday Toys: TOYCON 2012

Well, too busy to write personal stuff because of the deadlines!  Anyway I just want to share Daddy Yashiro's experience and pics in the recently concluded TOYCON 2012.   I've visited the event on the 15 and on the 16 of June.

I came late afternoon on the first day that's I wasn't able to catch some of the goodie program happened, though I did find lots of toys that perhaps I'll be planning to start collecting.  That's hopefully!   On the second day I'm a bit a early for the good stuff but I did make sure to capture the best figures inside their gallery.

My first plan about attending TOYCON 2012 was to tag along my kid but got second thought of bringing him.  Perhaps next time I'll bring both of the kids.  Parents when going to events like this try to explain everything to your kids in a nice way.  For sure they'll get to ask things of why and how.

Here are some of the photos that I've taken during the TOYCON 2012.  Enjoy!

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