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Wednesday, July 18

BC Bloggers Meme: Family Bonding

I have been away for a few days because fever and body ache.  It was really hard to work in the house when most of the family are sick.  You get sick also afterwards!  Anyway thank God that all are well now and the two kids are just having their medication for their cough.  I praying that Gelo's cough wouldn't lead to asthma.

So for this weeks BC Bloggers Meme it is about Family Bonding and our host for this meme is Verna.  So if you want to know more of our weekly fun, better head to BC BLOGGERS first to join the group and then visit Verna's Family Bonding.

Speaking of Family Bonding, we do have lots of it and just recently my family had a shopping bonding moment at one of the malls here in the metro.  It was a sale and some of money to spent was courtesy of *totot* (hehehe) so we head on to the place to grab some few clothes for us.  We decided to have a sleep wear.  So here are some of the pics that we got during the shopping.

Then after the shopping we do some modeling of the clothes that we got from the sale.

Aside from this we also do different family bonding that would make our bonds more stronger.  Sometimes we stroll at Quezon City Memorial Circle or if we have some spare money to spend we would go to Tom's World and play some games there and win ourselves some stuff toys or some things that we could use in the house.  Also when all things aren't really well, we do our bonding moment in the house, play with the kids, run around the house, or do some movie marathon but of course we make sure to have intervals for the kids.  And probably one our favorite bonding moment is EATING.  Whether it is expensive or not we make sure have it together.

So perhaps that's how our family do our bonding moment.

How about you, how's your bonding moment?
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