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Friday, September 14

A Birthday Treat?

Guess what came in to my email box early this month?   Well it's a birthday greetings from one of the pizza store in the country.  I was very thrilled when I see the title of the email because its something that I could boast of, specially this month, my birth month.  I joined their promo and here's the result of their promo.  

Here's the screen capture of the email....

Then when I opened it, it was indeed a birthday greetings and I was kind of hoping for a special treat since its my birth month.  So I continued reading the message.  Here's the first part of the graphic message.

Isn't it great receiving a birthday message from one of the known pizza store and take note it's not just a small time pizza store but it is really known internationally.  So imagine how I felt when I first saw this.  How about you?  What would you feel?

Then as I continue reading the graphic message.  I was a bit disappointed though I really want to take that treat.  The reason I'm disappointed was the lower part of the message because I need to spend Php700 in order to get the free 10" Pizza as their birthday treat for me.

Here's the graphic message.

So, what do you think about this?  Should I take the treat or just ignore it?
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