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Friday, October 5

Children's Fair at Puno UMC

Last week, the kids enjoyed their day at the Children's Fair held at Don Antonio's Plaza covered court. Of course that's courtesy of the Puno United Methodist Church.

The day started very early for them and to us as well. We woke up really early to prepare the kids and be there at the church as early as possible. I thought at least we could get some time to attend the church service but it seems that we are tied up with them. We don't want to leave them all alone in the fair. They still some guidance.

At the registration area they are given a small bag which contains some play money in it that they can use during the entire event.

It's like a small fair that teaches the kids to do their dealings. The play money was used for buying snacks, face painting ang for drinks as well.

There were clowns, magicians, puppets, and other stuff that really made the kids busy. Games and prizes for every kids in the fair. Maki was very eager to join and wanted to win some prizes, gladly he was able to get a prize. As much as Gelo wanted to join he's still too young to participate in the games and he still couldn't speak yet but he did enjoyed being there.

I thought Maki will react negatively when he saw the clowns, good thing that he didn't and he's just eager to see them, perhaps he already overcomed his fear with clowns. We've been really hard for that to come. We know God will guide him and give him strength.

When the fair nears its ending, kids where given some good treat of spaghetti and juices. Afterwards the kids lined up and were given some loot bags.

It was one big busy day for them and for us as well. Me, I'm really exhausted. Thank God that the fair turned out quite good.

How about you, how's your activities with the kids?
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