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Friday, October 12

Friday Toys: Candy Fan

Just the other day I was able to visit the duty free shops.  I know it's just quite near in our work station but going there seems a hustle, especially if you don't have any means of transportation.  It's really hard to get to the location of the duty free shops inside Clark Special Economic Zone.  There are no 24/7 and  round the route jeepney in the area.  I think most of the jeepney only goes only during peak time or shifting time of the employees.  So you really need to have your own transportation if you're going to shop on these duty free shops or you can still shop but bear the span of time that you'll be wasting just waiting for the jeepney to arrive.  Anyway, still there are some few duty free shops that offer good buys.

So what did I get?  Well, I dd get three kinds of things for the kids and perhaps I'll be showcasing first what I get for my eldest son.  Maybe the other for the youngest will be next week so better stay tuned.

What I got was a simple mini manual fan, it's called Candy Fan.  Candy Fan because the base of the fan was actually a container for the candies.  The fan is just simple and it doesn't need a battery to make it work, all it need is a little mechanical solution that can be pull to rotate the fan.  Instant and simple!  I know it is not yet summer but it's quite okay to have for kids who's always in heat.

This Candy Fan is quite expensive but I think it's quite okay and reasonable.  The fan blades isn't just a cheap fan but is actually has a good material.  The candies and the container will somehow justify the price.  For a price of Php73.00 it's a good present for the kids.

My son right now is already asleep and maybe I'll just give the item tomorrow and will see what will be his reaction is.

How about you?  What's your toy for this week?  Hope you could share to us as well!
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