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Friday, October 26

Friday Toys: A Real Diecast Toys

Since it's holiday, Maki, my wife and I went to an event.  It was an event about colors and arts for the kids.  Basically, it should be my wife and my son only but since it's about arts my wife asks if I could come along as well.  She really admits that she's not good when it comes to arts.  The venue was inside the Museo Pangbata (Museum for Kids).  The hallway to the event area was filled with lots of toys and paintings.  The toys were not the typical toys that you'll see in the toy store but it's more of an old toys and some of them are really hard to find plus they are all antiques already.

So what I'm going to feature today is about diecast toys.  These diecast toys are entirely made of metals molded into a form of cars, trucks, or any type of vehicles.  These are miniatures.  What's good about these diecast toys is that they last longer than ordinary toys and if you're a good keeper and you really maintains it then perhaps it will also become a collectors item that will somehow increase its value.

So most of these toys are not for sale and most of them are now for display only.  So playing with them is prohibited err controlled.  Those are fully molded iron materials.

How about you?  Do you have any of those?  Hope you could share your story.
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