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Saturday, December 1

Daddy Day Care: Snoopy Event

I know this is quite late for my Daddy Day Care post because this event happened a week ago already but sharing this would be great and something to boast with.  Yup, I really want to boast something about my Maki.  Remember in my previous posts that Maki had to be tuned up an hour before an event well I think we will be crumpling that and had it a three point shoot out to the garbage bin.  Yes that's right tuning him up is no longer needed and I think his starting to become less shy already.

Last week we were invited to an event brought by Snoopy.  If you know Snoopy the clothing brand which is well known for the kids, that's it.  They held it at the newly opened portion of Glorieta at the activity center.  I think I have posted it here.

So we were there excluding the "bunso", Gelo, because he just got off from fever caused by tonsillitis.     There were plenty of things to do but the highlight of the event is the modelling of the clothing line.  Of course we did enjoyed watching some of the few dances of the kids on stage but what my son, Maki, enjoyed most is the games that they had.  He first tried the dart game where you'll have to pop some balloons pinned on the wall using a dart.  He only got one out of three.  Then he tried the stack cans.  I didn't know that he was a sharp shooter on this one.  He did bring down six cans in just throwing five balls.  He was jumping of joy when he knock down those cans.  Another thing that he did during the event was the coloring activity.  I think he already mastered coloring the materials clean and just in the line.

Those we still got some more places to be on that day I could say that the Snoopy event was really for Maki and he enjoyed it very much.

How about you, how's your weekend?
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