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Wednesday, December 5

How My Mom Makes Christmas Special, My Entry

First week of December and people are starting to plan for their holiday getaways, listing their things to buy and of course shopping for new clothes for the family.  For us, well, we don't have the luxury of having a holiday getaway or new items to buy but we are blessed because there are blessings that comes our way and I'm sure God has made something good for us this coming Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas I joined one of the contest that let entrants describe how their Moms make Christmas Special.   They'll be judging the entry on how inspiring the story is and of course the votes that will be coming from those who will read the entry.   So if this is one of God's plan and He did show it to me, will pray to win this one.  

Before I ask for your help dear readers let show first what was my entry.  

We don’t own a big house with a big Christmas tree, our mini garden is not well decorated with flashing lights, and we don’t have a long table with plenty of different dishes. What we have and what my Mom creates during Noche Buena are simple foods that not only fill the hungry tummy but overflow the heart with joy and love.

She prepares early the day before Christmas. She really knows what I like most and she does make sure that we have that on our table. I love pasta very much that she even tries different flavors to excite my palate. Aside from pasta, my mom also cooks rice cakes or kakanin and some other dishes.

It’s all simple but my mom makes sure to cook it with so much joy and love. She’s most happy when she sees me happy with the food that we have. That’s how my mom makes my Christmas very special. It is simple and cooked lovingly.

So what do you think of my entry?

To further help me gain more votes I'm appealling to all my friends, relatives, readers, and acquaintances, I would like to ask for your help by clicking this link…

then LIKE the page and then go to this link

or simply look for the TAB of DAHIL SA IYO MA and then look for the GALLERY...

… look for my name MARCO POLO and please click VOTE.  This is for my Mom and I'm sure the whole family will benefit from this.  Thank very much!

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