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Monday, December 10

Monday Rush: Calm Monday

It's Monday once again but for today it's quite different.  Though it's Monday it's not the usual day that I get to experience being totally on the rush.  I started my day with an early morning alarm from my cellphone, a cock-a-doodle-doo sound that will sure make you get up once you hear it.  It was past 5 when I get off the bed, prepared my things, took a bath, and leave the house.  Thank God for a great morning.

Rode a jeep from my place to the pick up station of our service.  The jeepney runs smoothly as it is no heavy traffic except for some portions that caused a little bit of traffic due to stop overs.  Well I don't blame the driver because they need to pick passengers, that's their job but I was thankful that it wasn't that long.  I arrived at the meeting place 5 minutes before the scheduled time.  They were there already.

When I hop into the vehicle stories of Pacquiao and Marquez fight was the topic and of course though I was able to watch the fight in full details I get to read updates from the internet through twitter and of course watched some replays of the fight.  Afterwards it was time to slouch and hit dreamland.  Yes, I do sleep when travelling to work.  It's more of a continuation of the my sleep since we don't have anything to do inside the car and it's more than an hour drive from Manila to our area of work.  At least there are no traffic along the way.  I guess I like much better travelling to North than going deep inside the city and goes head to head with the traffic.  

After an I hour where already in Pampanga and was already near the field office.  It was indeed a great morning.  The sun is rise in high and the trees are glistening as the sun rays course through them.  Few more minutes and I were off of the car and plunging my time card, the sound was like the old dot matrix printer.  Straight to my table.  It was a fine day, calm and the usual day at work.

Well perhaps it was due to the fact that the following day will be a holiday in Pampanga.  That's why and perhaps my day was quite well.  Though tonight  was quite a terrible traffic in NLEX due to some construction and repair, still I'm thankful because the bus that I'm off to Manila was an air conditioned bus with a price of an ordinary bus.  Well enough to cool and endure the terrible traffic.

Got home well and good!

How about you?  How was your Monday?
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