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Sunday, December 29

Looking Forward For The Year 2014

Few more days and we will be celebrating the coming of another year. The year that will give us another fruitful and blessed days. For Daddy Yashiro this is going to be a year that will lead to something new. Whatever lies ahead of us we will be welcoming it with great courage.

The concept of challenges are indeed factors that help us in attaining our dreams, our goal for our family and for ourselves. These challenges are just obstacles that can be considered us stepping stones to get into the next level of life.

Saturday, December 21

Avoiding Tantrums at Stores This Christmas

Christmas means gifts and toys for kids.  They are thrilled and excited whenever Mommy and Daddy promises them with something this Christmas.  But what about when Mom and Dad couldn't give that to them?  Well, kids answer a very simple gesture they just does what they are known for, tantrums.  Yup they does it whenever things doesn't go along with what they want and the worst is when kids are with you buying gifts and toys in a department store or toy store.

It's really hard to pacify them when they starts this gesture of wanting to be noticed and get what they want.  For moms and dads this is their kryptonite.  Parents who are not well aware of their kids can loose their temper and might even hit their kids for doing that.  It sad to know the truth but it does happen.  So, how to avoid tantrums, especially in a place like the toy store?   Below are some of the ways parents can do to pacify them.

Monday, December 16

Monday Rush: Simbang Gabi

Christmas is in the air.
The first day of Simbang Gabi falls on a Monday!  My problem I think I won't be completing the Simbang Gabi for this year... again.  I prefer to enjoy it in our church much livelier and more soothing.  You really get the message and get to internalize it as well.

Saturday, December 14

Daddy Day Care: The Rumble Yard Experience

It's Daddy Day Care once again and I'll be sharing you another of our family's activity which happened out of the metro. Yup, we went out of town but not so far way from the metro. I think it was just boundary away. Near or far, still it is it is Daddy Day Care and being with the kids and my wife gives joy to me.

The place was in Nuvali, Laguna. As I can recall we have been there two times already and this time it will be our third time. Being here again after a year really shows that development are fast as ever because the last time we're here, the place was bare enough that all you could see were grasses, now buildings and establishments were already up and people are coming in and out.

Monday, December 9

Monday Rush: Speed Limit

playing around with speed.
Monday rush has always been my outlet of what's happening and my experiences during Mondays.  For this day it seems that rush is the middle name of the driver of the public utility vehicle I'm riding.  Yup he was indeed in a rush not taking into consideration the Speed Limit in Commonwealth Ave.  As I can remember I have made a post about the imposing of the 60KPH limit in the said avenue and the problem that it gives to public vehicles and commuters.  But to this particular driver it seems that this limit is nothing to him.  I think we're running around 80 to 90 KPH plus the swerving motion of the vehicle.  Hay....

Sunday, December 8

Gift Giving Tips This Christmas

Okay it's not yet Christmas but I'm sure most of the Moms and Dads are already doing their shopping for their family and friends.  It does not matter if it's very long or just short what matters is that you get to complete that list with ease and of course make that it is relevant to the recipient.

Since me and wife got plenty of godchildren, relatives and friends we try to sort things out with our list and make sure that it is updated with their age.  We don't want to give the wrong gifts to the wrong person.

Friday, December 6

Friday Toys Intelligent Computer, A Kiddie LapTop

Okay here's the second part of our Friday Toys' featured gifts to our kids and this time it's for Gelo, the youngest.  If the first gift for the eldest was something to make his imagination go wild this time it's about learning and cognitive intelligent.  My wife and I just hope that we did get the right toy for the youngest.

So what was our gift to Gelo?  Well it was a kiddie computer laptop that plays different features for learning.  It helps the kids in alphabet recognition, Mathematics, word completion,  music, and of it also have games.  From the name of the kiddie laptop based on the box it is called "Intelligent Computer" which comes from 'KaiZen'.  And according also from the writings and instructions on the box this computer have 25 Fun Activities that kids will surely enjoy.  The box contains a laptop with 3" LCD screen, a mouse and of course the keyboard keys.  The laptop also has a friendly voice that tells the letters, numbers or words.

Monday, December 2

Monday Rush: 2nd Of December

Monday rush is indeed a rush because Mondays are starting to get more busier than ever.  Perhaps the coming holiday season got a hit on it.  It is the last quarter of the year and everyone, from business to individual are busy making things work for the last month of the year and perhaps hoping that this things will be done before Christmas.

Sunday, December 1

SM City Fairview Unveils A-maze-ing Despicable Christmas

I think this is the 3rd year that we witness the unveiling of SM Supermalls Christmas themes.  It was a wonderful experience not only for me but also for the kids.  They get to see things first hand and of course they enjoy the shows before the unveiling.

Each year and each malls have their own themes.  For this year in SM City Fairview, the mall got something that everyone has been crazy about earlier this year.  It's yellow, it's small and they talk a different language, so who are they?  Well none other than the minions, the little followers of Felonius Gru in Despicable.   This year's theme is called the A-maze-ing Despicable Christmas.   Not only the minions were present during the program but also Felonious Gru, Agnes, Edith and Margo.  They were all there to welcome everyone as they drop the curtain and let the guests, visitors and passersby see what's in store for everyone as the yuletide season approaches.

Daddy Day Care: Gelo's #OOTD

Happy Saturday to all and also advance Merry Christmas as this day is the beginning of a wonderful season.  Yup today is December 1, 2013 and best way to start this month is to greet everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Well, I've been busy with things and I think I am off from this blog for almost a week already.  I missed writing everyday.  I remember my first few years in blogging that I make sure to have at least one post a day to make my blogging get more presence on the cyberspace but things get change for a while.  But perhaps I could start again and really make it more of a habit already.  Crossing my fingers with this!

Okay our Daddy Day Care here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal got so many moments to post but eventually things get overtaken by events and some were left not posted.  One of this is this Outfit Of The Day or #OOTD of my son Gelo.  

Sunday, November 24

This Generations Choice, Jollibee Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013

One way of knowing your kids are coming along with them or get involved with what they do or you can simply spy on them.  Of course you don't have to be a well trained agent to spy on your kids but I'm sure you don't have to because like I said all you have to do is know what they do and where they go.  That is cool enough without them noticing it.  Well I'm not yet sure of what I'll be doing when that time comes and when my little ones become teens.

anyway it is still soon but for now I'll just be getting ready and practice attending teen events like this recently concluded Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013 which was held at the Music Museum.  Gladly, I'm no alien to this place and it's great to be on this place again.

Friday, November 22

Friday Toys: Fossorial Emperor Toy Bricks

Great Friday readers!  Sorry that we missed to post our review of this interesting toy last week.  We got this for our son, Maki and he liked it very much.  Actually both of them got new toys and the youngest, Gelo, got a kiddie laptop which I will be sharing on my next post.    These toys are our early Christmas gift to them.

So lets get on with the toy review!

The name of the toy on the box says "Fossorial Emperor" then in big letters "Toy Bricks" so I'm not sure which one is the name of the toy and the character.  What's a little bit interesting with this toy is that it is also a constructional toy just like some of the well known toys that we usually assemble when we, parents, were kids.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.   Since this is a constructional toy this is great for kids in doing assembling activity.  I think it will help them become more eager when it comes to assembling different parts and also cognitively will enhance their imaginative thoughts.

Saturday, November 16

Health Issues: Tension Headache

Okay I have been away for a few days already from this blog and hadn't post any updates or stories about me or anything in particular.  For the past few days all I did was lie down, walk a little, mingle with the kids, and check my social media networks once in a while.  It was good to rest but if you get used to do things it's boring, unfortunately I have to bear that.  I was down for four days.

So what was the story behind this almost a week of uneasy and uncomfortable feeling well, according to the doctor whom I consulted on the second day, I'm suffering from tension headache.  I was thankful that it's not high blood.  The doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxing medicine to reduce the tension that causing the headache but was also instructed to check and monitor my blood pressure.

Monday, November 11

Monday Rush: Time Is Ticking, Help in Every Way We Can

Daddy Yashiro's Journal is dedicating this Monday Rush to share a call to help the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.  Through this blog post we do hope that we could at least help and reach generous hearts who are willing to help and share some of their blessings.

Through World Vision you can course your help and assistance for the survivors and victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Friday, November 8

Friday Toys: Pokemon Toys

It's Friday Toys and we got something new to share from Jollibee.  If you're kids or even you an adult already but are big fan of Pokemon well you'd better get a hold of this toys for your kids and of course for your collection as well if you're collecting.

As Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toy series we're checking out the toys and shares our thoughts about it.  So here we go and bear with us.

Zap, bam and splash are just some of the words that you'll be hearing with the world’s cutest fighting pets from the hit animated TV show, Pokemon and these toys are available with Jollibee Kids Meal's Pokemon Battle Gear.  Feel like Ash as a trainer with these lovable “pocket monsters” toys namely Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott.   Kids and kids-at-heart can now enjoy a whole day of fun and exciting battles while munching their favorite Jollibee treats.

Saturday, November 2

Halloween and All Saints Day Plus the All Souls Day

Well, this weekend is just one of the long weekends as.  It having days like this makes it even happier with the kids.   We don't have events and activities during the Halloween and All Saints Day, we just stayed in the house and do what we can do.  Since we didn't participate in Halloween parties and trick or treating we decided to have a little costume and modeling in the house.

Monday, October 28

Monday Rush: Barangay Election

It's Monday Rush and today is the Barangay Election.  A holiday exclusively set just to exercise the right to vote and I just did that today!  Yup, my finger was inked to signify that I have voted and was indirectly given the right to question any illegal and wrong doings of the elected official.  As what PNOY would always say "kayo ang boss ko!" (you are my boss).  Hopefully and prayerfully all government officials should be in gratitude of the people who chose them not the other way around.

Saturday, October 26

Daddy Day Care: United Nation's Day Parade

Not really sure if I was just been cornered by my wife to accompany our son Maki on the United Nation's Day Parade but anyway it's my time to come along with the school's parade activity.  So today this is Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care activity the United Nation's Day Parade.

Well coming along with Maki on their United Nation's Day Parade wasn't a hassle at all because Maki wasn't one of the ambassadors.  There's no effort of providing costume, vehicle during the parade, and of course this one involves money as well.  So I was thankful and a bit disappointed, thankful that we don't have to shell out much finances as we really need it and a bit disappointed because we weren't  able to train Maki to join events like this.  This is good for him as well.  Boosting his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Friday, October 25

Friday Toys: The Bling Bling Old School

Okay Dads and Moms, today is TGIF  which means THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!  Here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal Friday means Friday Toys in which I'm sure you're waiting for what toys we're going to feature for today err tonight.

Today we're going to feature some of the old school toys that I've played when I was still young.  This is something that we, parents, should impart to our kids.  This is one way that brought our imaginations and creativity come to life with just playing the basic toys that we had before.   This is not a throwback Thursday meme but it is somewhat a Friday Flashback meme.  Hahaha!

What Dads or Moms Can Do When Sons are Bullied

It seems that bullying will always be present anywhere, especially at school.  Though there are bills and laws being passed or had been passed to counter bullying there are still individuals that seems to have hold of themselves as the bull and considered it as one of their nature or perhaps it is their way of covering up for something that is happening behind that bull personality.  There's always a meaning in every action and there's always a reason why for that intention.

Monday, October 21

Monday Rush: Travel To and From

Monday again and it is our usual rush day, the Monday Rush.  My Mondays was supposed to be traveling to the north to our office but for this Monday I traveled down to the south just to get the documents from the main office and to have the unsigned documents be signed.  Take note it was a travel without the company vehicle.  Hay....

Anyway I like solitary travels and it's kind of exciting traveling alone.  The only problem with it is that you get to talk to yourself whenever you see something worth talking about.  Hahaha!

Sunday, October 20

Daddy Day Care: Hospital Again

After a week that we have brought our youngest son to the hospital and which he was diagnosed with tonsillitis and a possibility of urinary track infection we were hoping that all is well already.  Thanks to God that it was not dengue.  But of course our youngest son's whole week was more of medicines and less of sweets and other foods.  So he was deprived of the good things just to make him well.

Today, since our youngest was almost confined only inside the house we decided to go to the mall and buy clothes for my wifey and also some for me and treat the kids as well.  We had our lunch at Yoshinoya and later on the kids accompanied their mom in choosing what's the right dress for her.  Though the kids didn't help much still we were able to get one for my wife.  Afterwards was my time to get me a new neck tie.  Take note this is the second time that I bought a neck tie after graduating from college.  To sum it up, we had my wife's clothes, my neck tie and had lunch.

Friday, October 18

Friday Toys: Sponge Bob Write & Play Toys

Okay I admit I'm not really a fan of Sponge Bob and I don't like the animated TV Show but I somehow like the look of the character.  Crazy isn't it?  And it's a bit ironic right too, right?  Liking something that you're not a fan of, well lets just say that I got some issues with how the story in the TV Show is presented but I'm not going to discuss it full here since this is our toy segment of Daddy Yashiro's Journal.   Okay.

In as much as I wanted to influence my kids not to watch the animated TV show, well the character is already an icon and one of the well love character by the kids and the not-so-kids-no-more.   So in short they do get to see and watch it sometimes.   And what's more ironic is that we do get some items and toys with Sponge Bob design.  Hay....

Thursday, October 17

Schools Got Slimed With Nick Takes Over Your School, NTOYS

Moms and Dads are your kids expecting for Nick's slime to invade their schools?  Or has Nick invaded their schools already?  For those who hasn't been slimed, well don't worry because they'll be having their second leg and for those who got slimed already check out some of the info and pics here to see if you were there.

As Nickelodeon’s signature slime showed no signs of slowing down as it swept through ten schools all over Metro Manila in the first leg of this year’s installment of Nick Takes Over Your School (NTOYS).  An annual movement to get kids’ minds and bodies to work, NTOYS brought out values like team spirit and sportsmanship in the three-hour program filled with Nickelodeon-themed games and activities. Games and treats surrounded the kids as they jumped from one activity booth to the next. Their competitive spirit was also hard at work with games like Robot and Monster: Build-A-Gadget that tested their puzzle-solving skills and SpongeBob SquarePants Fill ‘Er Up that pushed their agility and precision to the limit.

Will You Bet On Your Baby?

Dads and Moms, if you're babies are in a competition will you bet on them?  Well, for hands-on Moms and Dads I'm sure you definitely know your kids and are willing to place your bet... all in!  This coming October 19, 2013, here in the Philippines of course, ABS CBN will be airing its very first episode of Bet On Your Baby.  The newest game show on television for moms, dads, and babies.

Monday, October 14

Monday Rush: Typhoon's Aftermath

Last Friday was the start of typhoon Santi's land fall.  Then Saturday, the typhoon pummeled the provinces in Northern Luzon.  I don't have the idea of how vast the damage that the typhoon had made not until today, while travelling to work.... a scene of century-aged trees were lying on the ground uprooted.  Some structures were damaged because of that and some were totally knocked down.

Friday, October 11

Friday Toys: Tom and Jerry School Surprises

It's Friday once again and there's something cool for the kids to have from Jollibee and also something cool to feature on our Friday Toys but for now this is just a teaser of what we'll be featuring very soon.  I still got plenty of toys to feature so Dads and Moms stay tuned and continue reading.   For now, we will just be sharing what our friends from Jollibee has to say with their newest toy collections that comes with Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

This month of October Jollibee adds more fun to kids schoolwork as Tom and Jerry surprise them with the collectible toys of School Surprises for every purchase of Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

Monday, October 7

PLDT and Me Gadget Giveaway Promo

PLDT & ME Giveaway Promo and 85 Years Of Changing Lives, #PLDT85, 85th Anniversary Celebration, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, We're changing lives, Telecommunication, Gadget Promo, Raffle, PLDT and Me

PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company celebrates it's 85th Anniversary, an eight and a half decade of changing lives of the Filipino people.   After their successful Then and Now promo, which have gained 20,000 entries, they are continuing the celebration by giving away more gadgets to their Facebook followers with their new promo the PLDT & ME.

PLDT & ME Giveaway Promo and 85 Years Of Changing Lives, #PLDT85, 85th Anniversary Celebration, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, We're changing lives, Telecommunication, Gadget Promo, Raffle, PLDT and Me

PLDT & Me encourages everyone to upload a photo of themselves, their relatives, or their friends using a PLDT telephone unit. The photo can be from as long ago as 1928, the year PLDT was founded, all the way up to present day.  The promo runs from September 30 to October 25.  

Saturday, October 5

Daddy Day Care: Jollibee's Birthday Bash

My sons are very fond of Jollibee, they like him very much that they always tell his name.  My youngest son would always say "Bee" whenever he sees his picture while my eldest would always tell and point us the location whenever he sees a store.  Aside from that they always watch the Jollitown TV Series.  I think if we could only have a complete set of the seasons of Jollitown TV Series I'm sure they will definitely watch them all. 

Monday, September 30

Monday Rush: Waiting For Something

Gelo waiting for something to show up.
Monday has always and will always be the busiest day of the week and take note it is also my most earliest time to prepare. Hay! Life of the working class, why is it that work is so hard. Anyway like one of the commercials asking "para kanino ka gumigising ng maaga?" (to whom you're waking up early?), we all wake up early because we have plenty of reason to do so and as a dad I'm waking up early to go to work to earn for my family. They are my reason!

Today, it's not a particular day because this day is something that me and my wife are looking forward for something.  Yup!  We're waiting for something that will definitely going to make this coming month another month to look forward to.  A month that will definitely change the course of life a little bit inclined to something wonderful.

Friday, September 27

Friday Toys: The Rest of the Smurfs Toys

Okay it's Friday once again and it is time for our Friday Toys.  I think we're on our third Friday of showcasing Smurfs character toys which were once available on McDonald's with the Happy Meals.  So, since were making it too long we will now introduce the rest of the gangs of Smurfs.

We have introduced Papa Smurf, Baker Smurf, Smurfette, and Vexy.  So we will be introducing eight more of the Smurfs Toy Characters.

Monday, September 16

Reblog: Firmoo's First Pair Free

Firmoo's got something for Dad's like me and other people who's looking for a new pair of eyeglasses Daddy Yashiro's Journal is bringing it to you.  

1. New Customers get your first pair free at right now! Check out!

Friday, September 13

Friday Toys: Smurfs Toys With Smurfette and Vexy

Hi readers!  It's Friday the 13th today but we don't consider this day as a curse or something but me and my family consider it as a blessed day.

As promised here are two more of the Smurfs Toys review series on our Friday Toys segment.  So for this Friday our featured toy are Smurfette and Vexy.  This two are the only lady characters in the animated movie and of this set of toys.

Sunday, September 8

Daddy Day Care: Bags, Kids, Heavy Rain & Sore Shoulders

Weekend is Daddy Day Care time and going out is what we always do.  For this specific weekend and for this specific day our outing made my shoulder down to my elbow ails.  Gelo is sure growing fast and also getting heavier or is it me getting older.     Well, in just a few more days I'll be piling up my memory bank with full of happy thoughts once again.

Though my shoulder sores and ailing that time I don't want to spoil the day for the kids because they are looking forward for this day and besides I could still go on.  Carrying Gelo together with the bags was really tough.  It was like working out in a gym but just like in any exercise I don't have any preparation for it that I somehow pushed it to the limit.  I carry Gelo above the MRT station bars beyond what I my arms can and it made it sore.   What add up to that sore is that we were stranded in the station due to heavy rains.   We were standing waiting for the rain to stop.  Maki was tired and Gelo was on and off and we were there for almost an hour.

Saturday, September 7

Daddy Day Care: Ninong Max's 1st Grand Inaanak Fun Day

It's Daddy Day Care when we headed to one of the biggest grand celebration of Ninong Max's first ever Grand Inaanak (Godchildren) Fun Day.  It was truly a fun, happy and enjoyable day as inaanaks (Godchildren) of Ninong Max convene at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.  Gathering over 2,800 participants from different places and enjoying Ninong Max's treat for his inaanaks (Godchildren).  Of course our family is also one of them who enjoys the day and most especially the kids, Maki and Gelo.

A Middle Aged Man's Guide To Increased Vitality

Back in 2009, I found myself staring down a long list of health issues. I just turned 21, and I knew, deep down in my heart, that the years of 7 minute mile runs, excessive athleticism, and containing my breath on a nice job was well behind me. This came to me quite clearly as I was chasing my girlfriend's two year old son around the yard and feeling like I jogged over an excessively long bridge. My concerns were only enhanced later that year when my diet of Monster energy drinks, Apple Jacks cereal, and bowtie pasta was causing a manly muffin-top to form around my waist.

After some research, I found a common theme which continued to rear its ugly head. My mother, girlfriend, best friend and his little sister (everyone but the actual doctor, apparently) all agreed that I may have an issue with low testosterone.

Friday, September 6

Friday Toys: Smurfs Toys With Papa Smurf and Baker Smurf

Hi readers! I'm sure you've missed my weekly posts about toys here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal.  Well, me too, I missed it!  I missed the Friday Toys very much that I do hope that I'll be continuing it more often now and I promise I got plenty of toys to review and share to all parents out there.  Like I mentioned before in my previous posts my dormant days are over it seems that it takes long to cope up with our situation right now. I do hope that I'll be more constant in making things go straight as possible.

Okay, for now we will be sharing a well loved animated little blue characters that most of the kids loved.  They've already invaded the cinema twice and thankfully that for the second one we got lucky to have a full set of the toys.  So, I'm sure you've already know what this characters are.  Without further ado let me introduce to you the Smurfs.

Wednesday, September 4

Trying Out Something Today So Don't Read This

If you read this post you'll find it something different because I'm trying out something for verification purposes only.  So this will be just another lousy post for the day and something that is not worth reading...


Though this is not worth of your time and effort and I would still want you to go through this.  Make some time to browse and see if some of this links may help you also in your blogging.  We all need to find ways to augment our finances so I'm sharing some of the sites that I have been raking some $ to support our financial needs.

Monday, September 2

Monday Rush: Unusual Quiet Moment

credit goes to the owner of this pic. 
From years that I have been going through and on every place it's really a noisy one.  Everyone are rushing to their specific work places or to their schools.  It was a fast phase environment.

This specific Monday I find it quite unusual or perhaps my morning wasn't that good.  It seems that the crowd that I usually walked with during Mondays are quiet.  It seems that they're all in a slow motion or perhaps it's just me who thought that everything was in this slow phase.

Saturday, August 31

Daddy Day Care: SM Little Stars 2013 Grand Finals

Last week Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care was attending an event with the kid. It's really sad to left the little one behind because of the weather and the venue is really far.  I'm sure our little one will get tired of the travel and besides he just got off from fever.  So, with me are my wife and my eldest son, Maki.  This event was the Grand Finals of the SM Little Stars 2013 which was held at SM Mall of Asia Center Stage.

The program was hosted by TV and movie celebrity Iza Calzado.  I think she got the love for the kids which shows in her giggling with the kids.  Who wouldn't be giggled with this kids as they are very adorable and lovely most especially when they are performing and answering questions.  

Friday, August 30

Friday Toys: Jollibee Kiddie Meal's Kiddie Arcade

Just in time for my Friday Toys, as this cute little toys from Jollibee makes it perfect for this segment.  As we all know this toys are bundled with the Jollibee Kiddie Meal and every toys brings more fun for the kids after their meals.

For this season, Jollibee brings three (3) sporty toys that kids can play and enjoy.  They can take home  this fun arcade games that features the all time favorite friends - Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Yum and Popo.   Kids and kids-at-heart can collect this cool toys, the Jollibee and Friends Kiddie Arcade.  Here are the descriptions about this toys.  

Kids who likes to play basketball will have an exciting time playing with the DUNK N' SCORE.  It can be played with a friend and try to score points by pressing down to shoot the ball while the other one makes the game more challenging by tilting and turning the ring from left to right just like in the arcade.

Friday, August 23

SM Little Stars Grand Finals at SM MOA on August 25

Hi Moms and Dads!  Daddy Yashiro is here once again to give you details about the SM Little Stars.  I have posted before about their search in over 38 different SM malls and take note that's all over the Philippines.  You can check it out here SM Little Star and perhaps read it once again.  Just like I mentioned before on my previous post this is a kiddie talent competition that is awesome for not only for the kids but also for the parents.  This is one of those moments for parents to boast around their talented kids.  The competition is also a great performance platform for kids from 4-6 years old to showcase their talents and also to mingle with other kids from different regions.

Wednesday, August 7

Blessings I Got From An Online Contest

This post was long gone overdue!  I should have shared it a month ago but was overwhelmed with the anniversary contest and later on the hiatus stage which mainly eats up the core membrane of my thoughts.   So as promised to Ron and to the organizer of the online contest here it is.  Read more of how the blessing was conveyed to me.

Before I start with the story I would just like to glorify God for being there always!  He sure answer prayers in his own way which could not reach with our own intellects.  Everything is well laid down in His time and in His own way.  Thank you Lord for the blessings!
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