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Saturday, January 19

Daddy Day Care: Animal Ride

It's the animal ride!  Yup, all three of us rode in just one animal.  I forgot what animal we rode with but it's one of those moving animals where you slip in two 5 peso coins in it and press the start and hit the pedal then you're on your way for a wonderful ride.  Maki and Gelo have a great time riding it but of course I have to most of the time navigate and direct the wheel to the direction without people.  Maki is a little bit reckless when driving the animal ride.  I think this is the second time that Gelo rode the animal ride.

That ride happened after scoring some tickets from the games in Tom's World.  Well, we're counting tickets for some bigger prizes so whenever we visit Tom's World we make sure to snatch some good number of tickets.  I think the last time we've played in the arcade we rounded up the count in card amounting to more a thousand already and few winnings and we'll be having 2k.  Not sure yet if there will be a good prize for that already but we're hoping to get a good one.

It's like hitting two birds in just one stone.  We get to enjoy the weekend with the kids playing at the games at Tom's World and once we get the right amount of tickets we get to take home some good toys or items.  It's really fun doing it but of course we need to have some extras in our pocket to get the kids have some fun.

So how about you?  What are your weekend fun?  Hope you could share yours here.  Good day!
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