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Friday, January 18

Friday Toys: Snake Pillow

Snake Pillow images from Toy Kingdom

Okay for today's Friday Toys I'm getting off first from my kids toys and have something from one of the well known toy store locally (Philippines).  I've just seen this on their Facebook page and the color captured my attention.  Since it's the year of the snake we might as well have some ssssnake toysss in this portion.

Like I've said I just saw the image of this cute Snake Pillow on the Facebook page so I'll be having my basis on the picture itself.  The color is well attractive specially for my little angel, Gelo.  I know my kid will love to have one of this and will for sure enjoy lying around on it.  I just don't know if the texture of the material is furry soft or plain satin but from the looks of it it is more of satin.   Perhaps it is better if I'll visit one of their store and see for myself the material but for now just want to share this.

For kids this item is an A okay to have they could swing and play it around with it without hurting themselves of the others.  Aside from that it is a pillow so once the kids got tired of playing they can just simply grab it, wrap around their neck and fall asleep, even better when traveling.

According to Toy Kingdom's Facebook page this item is available at their store for only Php129.75 each.  So collecting those four will only cost around a little bit more than Php500.00.   So if you want one or the whole set just check out Toy Kingdom.

For the information of all I am no way compensated in this blog post and I'm not connected with Toy Kingdom just wanted to share the item for our Friday Toys segment.  How I wish I could write reviews for Toy Kingdom in exchange of items... I'll be praying for that.
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