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Thursday, January 24

One, Checked!

I think I have reserved enough my excitement of sharing what just transpired a few days ago.  Since I can't keep it any longer I might as well tell what was it all about.  I'm titling this post as ONE, CHECKED!  It's not about a pay check that I got from one of my sidelines but it's a Check that marks one item that I've prayed to have.  Remember my Christmas Pray List last December? Well one of them has just been answered.  Me and my wife were very thankful and happy that one of my Pray List was answered.  God truly answer prayers, it may not be instantly but in His time.  He make sure that you get it in the right time that you truly need it.  You just lay to Him what was it, be specific don't generalize it, and He will do the rest.

I'm really thankful to the Lord and I'm thankful as well to Ms. Tricia who invited us to the event.  God truly lead you to people and path where you will have the blessings.

So what was the item?  It's a LED TV, a 24 inches De' Vant LED TV.  This is the first time that I won in a raffle with a prize as big as this.  For now I don't have yet any photos of the TV but soon I'll be sharing it here and hopefully I have mounted it in a place where it should be.

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