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Thursday, January 31

Top 3 Cartoons That My Kids Watch

Last Monday and Tuesday, I was drawn to stay in bed due to fever.  Thank God that it didn't get worst and I was able to recover fast.   For that two days I was able to watch or let's just say heard what my kids are watching early that morning, though it is not advisable to let your kids watch often make sure to moderate it.  I think this has been their morning rituals.

I think this is the top 3 cartoons that I'm sure my kids don't want to miss watching.  Though it was good that they translated it locally, it does not help the kids learn English at their early age I find it different when watching it.  So what are these three,  Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Manny, and Jungle Junction.

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Mickey Mouse Club House as most of us know it is all about Mickey and his friends and their adventures.  Adventures as they hang around the Clubhouse and what's more interesting for the kids is that it leads the viewers, which is mostly the kids, through stories that has problem solving and sing-along segments.  This animated TV series helps kid learn the basics of math, identifying shapes, patterns and numbers.  An interesting animated TV series for the kids but I would like it to be played with the usual English version rather than the localized version.

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Handy Manny is the last of the top 3 animated TV show that my kids watch.  This show is about the adventures of Manny Garcia who is a bilingual Hispanic handyman together with his eight talking tools.  I like it when they shout their repair shop's tag line which is "You break it, We fix it!".   They indeed fix almost everything in the neighborhood and the best is that is implore moral lessons for the kids to learn.
So, these are the top 3 animated TV show that my kids watch.  They enjoyed watching it very much and they learn from it as well.

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Jungle Junction is another animated show on TV that shows proper attitude, right conducts, and many more learnings.  The characters here are all animals and what makes it more interesting for the kids is that they are on wheels, of course they talk as well and it is also translated into local language.  The names are interesting as well, Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo, Taxicrab, Carla, Crocker, Hippobus, The Beetlebugs, Lance, Bobby, and Dozer.

How about you?  What are the most watched animated TV show that your kids watch?  Hope you can share it here as well.

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