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Tuesday, January 8

Tuesday Parenting: Each Child Is Special

I think I have posted or mentioned something about how special each child is and I mentioned it because I was to share something today for our Tuesday Parenting.  I haven't done the Tuesday Parenting since I started my scheduled posts. Okay back to our parenting matters.

Each child is special and it is really true based on our experience with our two boys.  The age gap between them is 4 years old so the situation is a little bit different from those who have age gaps lower than 4.  Just like me and sister, our age gap is 4 years old and perhaps the only difference is that we're not the same sex unlike our two boys.  Kids have different needs, different emotions, and different surroundings.  When Maki, the eldest, was born he was the only baby in the family so the attention during that time was with him while Gelo, the youngest, got plenty of little ones growing along with him so he got more babies, kids and people to socialize with.

 Another thing that I have learned rearing our two boys was that each of them has their own personality, though they are both boys and both eat the same food and plays the same toys, still there are things that differentiate one from the other.  The eldest was quiet and snobbish while the little one is showy and friendly.  Of course me and my wife would always teach them with things that they should do, especially when the elders are around.  We are still instilling to them the value of "mano" or the way of giving respects to the elders but sometimes the eldest's snobbish personality makes him a little bit of unfriendly to the older ones.  They are both still young and perhaps their attitudes will still change in the coming years.

Since each child is special there's no need to compare them.  Comparing would only make friction and will cause rivalry to siblings.  Instead encourage them on where they are good at and let each of them have their time to shine.  Kids love to be praised when they did something so don't take that for granted make sure to give each of them the right to be praised.

As a parent we should be always be in the neutral ground.  Don't make a stand of who is right or who is wrong.  Good thing I still don't have a Smart TV.  I'm sure both of them would make a move on who's first to use or watch.  It would be costly if they started to fight over the TV and perhaps hit the accident oops button.

So how about you?  How do you look at your kids?  Hope you could share them here.
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