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Sunday, February 10

Daddy Day Care: Making The Kids Behave

Today, Mommy and I are having problem with our eldest.  It seems that he's becoming quite hard to communicate with.  We really don't know the reason, yet, why his behaving a little different.  Since my wife is already a full time Mom I was wondering why a sudden change of attitude, though he's not yet that stubborn.  So we're really questioning ourselves why but of course we would do all that we can to shape him in a blessed and right manner.  

Our time in the church and the time at the mall were really more of hushing Maki.  Not quite sure if it is because they've been staying in the house lately.  Well, for the reason that both of the kids have been sick and of course they need to rest so the past few weekends were just in the house.  
For the youngest, well, he's quite behave if he is not provoke by his brother.  Yup, they're already in the stage of quarreling.  I just pray that they won't have to end up hurting each other.  

So, right now I'm trying to find some good resources to read on how to keep the kids behave well specially when there are elder people around.  Does anyone of you know of a good reading material?  Hope you could share it here.  It would appreciated very much!
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