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Friday, February 15

Friday Toys: White Teddy Bear

Well it seems that the whole month of February is really the month for Teddy Bears and Stuff Toys.  Last Thursday my and I were invited to a dinner and one of the gifts that they've shared to us was this cute white Teddy Bear.  I'm pretty sure that the kids will be happy to have some new toys that they could play around.  The only thing is that the stuffed toy was white so we're on the oh oh part.  We already know that we'll be having more cleaning of this one.

This Teddy Bear is just like the one that I have featured before the brown teddy bear.  The length of the toy is less than half ruler, with a little more stuff in it to make it more bulky and stuff looking.  I think this toy can be hold by my son, Gelo, in just one fist.  I hope my son won't mistake any cute little animals like their stuffed toys.  It's bad and it's cruelty if he mistaken that but of course we are still here to teach him that.

So what's your fascination about Teddy Bears?  Any trivia or information that you can share?
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