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Sunday, March 3

Daddy Day Care: Movie Marathon

For today's Daddy Day Care it's movie marathon!  I'm sure most parents are already dreaming of the movies that your kids are watching.  Perhaps it's already the 100th times that you're watching it with your kids but hey it's for our kids and they enjoyed so we'll have to bear with it and enjoy it as well.  That's what I'm going to share today.

Since my bachelor days I was already collecting CDs of different movies.  I was able to compiled a box of it.  There were comedy, drama, action and there were also movies for kids.

Recently, during our shopping session, I bought some CDs for the kids and good that it was on sale, it's a buy one take one so we were able to get four CDs for a price of two.  We got Cars 2, The Lorax, Finding Nemo, and a CD about vehicles for kids.  They were very excited to watch those CDs and when we got home my son, Maki asked me if they could watch it already but I instructed them first to change their clothes.  So they did and when we're all settled down we started our movie marathon for this is Daddy Day Care.

So what do you think we watched first?  Well we started with Finding Nemo, we used to have this CD but it was already worn out because Maki has watched that more than a hundred times already and it was already full of scratches.   Then The Lorax and the Cars 2.  It was already night time when we finished watching the movies.    They were asking to watch it again but it's dinner time so we need to rest for now and have our dinner.

I'm not sure how long will these CDs last but I'm sure it will be played more than a hundred times again.

How about you?  How many times have you played your kid's favorite CDs?  Hope you could share it here.
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