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Wednesday, March 13

Memory Lane: Prom Night

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Prom nights of school are perhaps over already and most of them are preparing now for graduations. I remembered my high school days, specially my third and fourth year, it was a rare opportunity. I’m sure most of my generation will agree to me that prom nights are just one of the moments to remember during high school.

The prom nights during my time just happened in the school grounds and we were not too formal but everyone dressed as presentable as possible. No tuxedos and expensive gowns but what we have during that time was just long sleeve polo and slacks pants. Those who can afford to have a tie they choose to have their tie but for those who don’t have well the polo and pants well do.

Recently, I was able to watch one of the episodes of a local TV series and the formal suits and gowns were just way so cool and also expensive. I think it was tailored to fit in just like those formals suits seen on awards night. There are also others places or shop were you can get a suit for rent just like the tuxedo rental Greenville SC. You can look like those actors in foreign movies that look awesome as well. Locally there were some tailoring shops who offers suits and gown for rent, so teens won't have to exert effort in making their parents buy new formal suits or gowns.

It’s been more than a decade now since I experienced the prom night and I can see that it has evolved already and they are more fashionable now than my time. Perhaps I will know more once my kids’ era comes already. I wonder how they will look that time…

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