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Sunday, April 28

Daddy Yashiro on Baby Blast 4

Remember the Baby Blast 4 event at the Trinoma last last week?  Well, I know this post was a bit late to share my experience with the event but it's better late than never.

Oh I did also shared here that this is the first time that Daddy Yashiro's Journal joins an event as a media partner.  Gladly I did join because it was great seeing your logo and the name of your blog in those print materials of the event.  Though the exposure is limited at least this blog was able to be exposed in some of the Moms and Dads out there, especially to those who have attended the event.

Daddy Day Care: Animated Movies Marathon

One of the best days of the week, weekends!  This is one of those days that I get a chance to play around with the kids.  No work, no hassle, no event coverage... just plain Daddy Day Care in the house.   Well, for Moms this is their usual routine but for me this is my weekend routine, that is if Mommy isn't around in the house.  

For this weekend's story, well it was yesterday Saturday, Mommy got some immediate invite from the entertainment niche so she needs to be there.  So the whole house is left for us.  Me and the two kids.  As our usual routine in the morning, breakfast, bath, and snacks then the best part watching movies.  At first I just wanted for them to watch the movie so I could do other things in the house and of course the online thingy but unfortunately the little one, Gelo, hold my hand and tag me along to watch the movie. Well I needed to have a rest.

Saturday, April 27

Daddy Day Care: Adventure Time's Where in the Ooo Are You?

This is one of those Daddy Day Care activities that is spent by me and my eldest son, Maki.  Yup and yes, we were just the ones who went to this fun and exciting activities for kids and kids-at-heart.    I said kids-at-heart because there were also teens and parents present during the event.  For the parents it is understandable that they'll be accompanying their children to this kind of activity but for the teens, well, some of them are in cosplay mode so I think they were there just to be in character.

Friday, April 26

Friday Toys: Stuffed Toy Bag Or Bag Stuffed Toy

Good day Moms, Dads and Kids!  It's Friday again and we are here to feature some toys and things again that my kids love and of course your kids will also, perhaps.

So for today's toy, well we actually don't know if this is considered as a toy or a bag because this bag is fused with a stuffed toy or a stuffed toy fused with a bag.  Which ever it is it serves two purpose, a bag and a toy.

Wednesday, April 24

Random Personal Thoughts

Just been having some bad times again and it seems that my trail of thoughts aren't working pretty well right now.  Yup, I'm having hard time constructing stories of events where I have been.  It's like a piece of paper with so many erased introductions, that is what happening to my head.  Though I know what are the thoughts that I want to right down it seems that I couldn't create a good masterpiece.

Right now concentration is not attainable and it is worthless making things that is not ought to be done as of this moment.  That's why I'm trying to get some words, phrases and sentences out of my head just to simply have it written and perhaps express what I wanted my readers to feel right now.

So what do I feel right now?  It might be bad to know but most of the negativity things are clinging on me.  Problem with this and problem with that, just don't know when will things stop and get better.
I just wanted to say...

if you're BIG enough to push me down 
you're making a BIG mistake about it 
because I have a GOD that is BIGGER than anything else.  
So whether you like it or not I have a BIG GOD who is always on my side.

Monday, April 22

Monday Rush: An Update and A Call for Sponsorship

Whew!  First things first,  I have been away again for almost two weeks and I haven't posted any daily updates on this blog in which I know not a very good thing to do.  So to my readers sorry about the few days that I'm gone from this blog.

It's really hard to juggle things around.  Too many things to do with so little time to spend.   It is indeed true that you cannot serve two masters at the same time.  You can only do things one at a time.  That brings me to a quote that I've heard from the animated movie "Wreck It Ralph".  It says "one game at a time".   Though I get pretty immune already with the movie as my kids watch it over and over again I get to enjoy and digest more of the lesson that we can get from it.   So in my case I can only do things one at a time so I better do it whole-heartedly in order to get things done.

Perhaps that's what I did because for the last few days I've been squeezing my brains hard enough to get a very nice and competitive article for a contest that me and my wife have joined with.  It's really tough to do things when you're not accustomed to do these things.  So again for the last few day I have to put all my energy including my will into it, that's why I don't have any updates recently.

I'm not really sure if I making myself clear or am I making a point to what I am writing right now.  Perhaps I just wanted to share what I wanted to share.


Thursday, April 11

Visit SM City Fairview For Their SM Cartoon Fest

It seems that this coming weekend is filled with different activities for the kids.  So, Dads and Moms here's another addition of events for your little ones to enjoy.  If you're just near SM City Fairview, then perhaps you'd better be there this coming Friday, April 12, 2013 as they launch their Biggest Cartoon Festival.  It's the biggest gathering your favorite cartoon characters or your kids' favorite cartoon character.  Hahaha!  Anyway I'm sure we all have our favorite cartoon characters.

So don't miss this exciting event for the kids!   Have fun!

Tuesday, April 9

Baby Blast 4 This Weekend!

Calling all Dads, Moms and babies! That's if the babies can read already, hahaha!  This weekend, after church, head on to the activity center of Trinoma together with the whole family and enjoy blasting experience as Baby Blast 4 happens.  Let the little ones discover, create, imagine and explore!

I would like to let you, readers, know that this is the first time that Daddy Yashiro's Journal becomes part of the media partner of an event.  We're now leveling up!  So perhaps expect more partnering with baby and kids events.

Enjoy and have fun this coming weekend!

Saturday, April 6

Daddy Day Care: The Great Outdoor Fun

Few weeks ago Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care happened at the Banana Boat: The Great Outdoor Fun event.  It was a total day care for Daddy!  It was a fun-filled event that the kids really enjoyed very much.  Since it's weekend we let them loose and play around but of course me and my wife are watching them over.

There are plenty of first time for the kids, though most of the fun activities were played only by Maki because Gelo is still too young for some of the activities.  So what are the first times here?

Friday, April 5

Friday Toys: Moodi Care Clock

Hmmm... I don't know if I will consider this as a toy or not but my kids enjoying the playful colors that this sweet little brings.  So be it, today's Friday Toys is the Moodi Care Clock which my wife got in an event.  A cutely designed cube that changes it's colors.  Not drastically changing its colors but in a mild and subtle way.  It's more like a flowing feeling of a calm river.  I do hope understand what I'm trying to figure it out here.

Wednesday, April 3

A Look At NICKELODEON’S 2013 Kid’s Choice Awards

I have been away for a few days now from this blog and I was wondering what would be the best thing to post while I'm still gathering up all my thoughts of the past weeks family event, personal experiences, and of stories about my kids.  Speaking of kids well, I was able to get a snatch about the recently concluded Nickelodeon's 2013 Kid's Choice Awards since I story tell about kids then perhaps it's high time to share something about the kid's network that they love to watch.

I thought before that kid's choice was just something that was made up but hey these are what the kids are seeing now and some of these awardees are idolized by the kids and perhaps my kids will also do that.  Hehehe.  Anyway, here's what it is all about.  Better read below and check out who wins the awards or the chosen ones.

Monday, April 1

Family Event: Baby Blast 4

If you have joined the recent events of Baby Blast, then perhaps you're looking forward for this year's another grandest family event, as they celebrate Baby Blast 4 this coming April 14, 2013 at the Trinoma Activity Center from 10am-7pm.

Outbox Media Production Agency once again invites you to the grandest family event of the year! Now on its 4th year, BABY BLAST, an annual event focusing on the importance of Early Head Start (EHS) Education, continues to bring together EHS advocates, teachers, doctors, parents and kids, through a fun-filled family event happening soon!

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