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Thursday, May 23

4 Days To Go... Daddy Yashiro's Journal Blog Anniversary

Happy Thursday to everyone!  Here's an update from yours truly Daddy Yashiro. 

Four (4) days to go before the Blog Anniversary and I'm so happy to inform you, readers, that our annual Blog Anniversary contest will push through.  I'm just finalizing the details from our sponsors.  As I have mentioned before this anniversary celebration will truly be a blast.  I am sure you're all wondering what will be the prizes... just a hint the prizes will be over a thousand worth of prizes.  

 Like I said I'm just finalizing things and soon we will let you have a glimpse of what will be given away.  So better stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to get early updates on what's happening here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal.

Oh by the way this will be my first time to join the #ThrowbackThursday and here it is

I do hope that you could spot where I am on this photo.   This photo was taken when I was still in college and this is the SAVE ME Movement in action at Mayor Joey Marquez Office in ParaƱaque.

Happy Thursday!
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