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Monday, September 30

Monday Rush: Waiting For Something

Gelo waiting for something to show up.
Monday has always and will always be the busiest day of the week and take note it is also my most earliest time to prepare. Hay! Life of the working class, why is it that work is so hard. Anyway like one of the commercials asking "para kanino ka gumigising ng maaga?" (to whom you're waking up early?), we all wake up early because we have plenty of reason to do so and as a dad I'm waking up early to go to work to earn for my family. They are my reason!

Today, it's not a particular day because this day is something that me and my wife are looking forward for something.  Yup!  We're waiting for something that will definitely going to make this coming month another month to look forward to.  A month that will definitely change the course of life a little bit inclined to something wonderful.

Friday, September 27

Friday Toys: The Rest of the Smurfs Toys

Okay it's Friday once again and it is time for our Friday Toys.  I think we're on our third Friday of showcasing Smurfs character toys which were once available on McDonald's with the Happy Meals.  So, since were making it too long we will now introduce the rest of the gangs of Smurfs.

We have introduced Papa Smurf, Baker Smurf, Smurfette, and Vexy.  So we will be introducing eight more of the Smurfs Toy Characters.

Monday, September 16

Reblog: Firmoo's First Pair Free

Firmoo's got something for Dad's like me and other people who's looking for a new pair of eyeglasses Daddy Yashiro's Journal is bringing it to you.  

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Friday, September 13

Friday Toys: Smurfs Toys With Smurfette and Vexy

Hi readers!  It's Friday the 13th today but we don't consider this day as a curse or something but me and my family consider it as a blessed day.

As promised here are two more of the Smurfs Toys review series on our Friday Toys segment.  So for this Friday our featured toy are Smurfette and Vexy.  This two are the only lady characters in the animated movie and of this set of toys.

Sunday, September 8

Daddy Day Care: Bags, Kids, Heavy Rain & Sore Shoulders

Weekend is Daddy Day Care time and going out is what we always do.  For this specific weekend and for this specific day our outing made my shoulder down to my elbow ails.  Gelo is sure growing fast and also getting heavier or is it me getting older.     Well, in just a few more days I'll be piling up my memory bank with full of happy thoughts once again.

Though my shoulder sores and ailing that time I don't want to spoil the day for the kids because they are looking forward for this day and besides I could still go on.  Carrying Gelo together with the bags was really tough.  It was like working out in a gym but just like in any exercise I don't have any preparation for it that I somehow pushed it to the limit.  I carry Gelo above the MRT station bars beyond what I my arms can and it made it sore.   What add up to that sore is that we were stranded in the station due to heavy rains.   We were standing waiting for the rain to stop.  Maki was tired and Gelo was on and off and we were there for almost an hour.

Saturday, September 7

Daddy Day Care: Ninong Max's 1st Grand Inaanak Fun Day

It's Daddy Day Care when we headed to one of the biggest grand celebration of Ninong Max's first ever Grand Inaanak (Godchildren) Fun Day.  It was truly a fun, happy and enjoyable day as inaanaks (Godchildren) of Ninong Max convene at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.  Gathering over 2,800 participants from different places and enjoying Ninong Max's treat for his inaanaks (Godchildren).  Of course our family is also one of them who enjoys the day and most especially the kids, Maki and Gelo.

A Middle Aged Man's Guide To Increased Vitality

Back in 2009, I found myself staring down a long list of health issues. I just turned 21, and I knew, deep down in my heart, that the years of 7 minute mile runs, excessive athleticism, and containing my breath on a nice job was well behind me. This came to me quite clearly as I was chasing my girlfriend's two year old son around the yard and feeling like I jogged over an excessively long bridge. My concerns were only enhanced later that year when my diet of Monster energy drinks, Apple Jacks cereal, and bowtie pasta was causing a manly muffin-top to form around my waist.

After some research, I found a common theme which continued to rear its ugly head. My mother, girlfriend, best friend and his little sister (everyone but the actual doctor, apparently) all agreed that I may have an issue with low testosterone.

Friday, September 6

Friday Toys: Smurfs Toys With Papa Smurf and Baker Smurf

Hi readers! I'm sure you've missed my weekly posts about toys here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal.  Well, me too, I missed it!  I missed the Friday Toys very much that I do hope that I'll be continuing it more often now and I promise I got plenty of toys to review and share to all parents out there.  Like I mentioned before in my previous posts my dormant days are over it seems that it takes long to cope up with our situation right now. I do hope that I'll be more constant in making things go straight as possible.

Okay, for now we will be sharing a well loved animated little blue characters that most of the kids loved.  They've already invaded the cinema twice and thankfully that for the second one we got lucky to have a full set of the toys.  So, I'm sure you've already know what this characters are.  Without further ado let me introduce to you the Smurfs.

Wednesday, September 4

Trying Out Something Today So Don't Read This

If you read this post you'll find it something different because I'm trying out something for verification purposes only.  So this will be just another lousy post for the day and something that is not worth reading...


Though this is not worth of your time and effort and I would still want you to go through this.  Make some time to browse and see if some of this links may help you also in your blogging.  We all need to find ways to augment our finances so I'm sharing some of the sites that I have been raking some $ to support our financial needs.

Monday, September 2

Monday Rush: Unusual Quiet Moment

credit goes to the owner of this pic. 
From years that I have been going through and on every place it's really a noisy one.  Everyone are rushing to their specific work places or to their schools.  It was a fast phase environment.

This specific Monday I find it quite unusual or perhaps my morning wasn't that good.  It seems that the crowd that I usually walked with during Mondays are quiet.  It seems that they're all in a slow motion or perhaps it's just me who thought that everything was in this slow phase.

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