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Friday, November 8

Friday Toys: Pokemon Toys

It's Friday Toys and we got something new to share from Jollibee.  If you're kids or even you an adult already but are big fan of Pokemon well you'd better get a hold of this toys for your kids and of course for your collection as well if you're collecting.

As Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toy series we're checking out the toys and shares our thoughts about it.  So here we go and bear with us.

Zap, bam and splash are just some of the words that you'll be hearing with the world’s cutest fighting pets from the hit animated TV show, Pokemon and these toys are available with Jollibee Kids Meal's Pokemon Battle Gear.  Feel like Ash as a trainer with these lovable “pocket monsters” toys namely Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott.   Kids and kids-at-heart can now enjoy a whole day of fun and exciting battles while munching their favorite Jollibee treats.

All these toys are made up of PVC plastic and some parts are brittle that parents should watch out for as it might hurt and injure your kids.  As always and we will always tell you, parents, watch out and be careful with the parts and always check the labels.

Let's start with Pikachu!  So what does this electrifying Pokemon character does well it unleash a hi-voltage powers.  This one cute yellow Pikachu Electro Launcher does its trick by placing the electroball in its tail, pushing it down and releasing it to launch a zippy ball of lightning.

The next one of the Pokemons is Tepig, this character heats up with its Fireball Blaster.  The blasting is done by inserting\ the fireball in Tepig's body and pressing its tail to make the fireball whiz as it lights up.  Yup the fireball does lights up.

The last one of the Pokemon Trio is a water Pokemon that makes a good splash named Oshawott.  This water Pokemon does its Water Cannon by of course pouring some water into it by detaching the cap and then pressing the button at the back to make Oshawott squirt out the water from its mouth.   This is great to play when everything heats up.  Hahaha!

So, after knowing and reviewing what they are capable of then it's just the right time let the parents know that these toys are good for kids older than 3 years old.  Perhaps another thing is to let parents supervise them when they are playing or the best is that you join with them when they are playing with these toys.  Much better!  Also if you don't know how to operate the toys, you can always find the good old instructions outside of the plastic packaging.

Of course these toys comes with every choice of kids favorite Jollibee meal like the Yumburger Meal for only P80, the Spaghetti Meal at only P82 or the 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal for only P99.

So Moms and Dads better catch Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott at your favorite Jollibee stores for your kids.  These promo is from November 1-30 only.  You still got plenty of time to get the toys for your kids or for your collections.  The Jollibee Kids Meal Pokemon Battle Gear is also available for take-out and delivery through Jollibee Express Delivery Service at 7-8000.  Also kids can catch their favorite fighting pets in action in Pokemon the movie, out in SM Cinema theaters nationwide on November 13.

So have you got these toys already?  If not better get them...
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