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Saturday, December 21

Avoiding Tantrums at Stores This Christmas

Christmas means gifts and toys for kids.  They are thrilled and excited whenever Mommy and Daddy promises them with something this Christmas.  But what about when Mom and Dad couldn't give that to them?  Well, kids answer a very simple gesture they just does what they are known for, tantrums.  Yup they does it whenever things doesn't go along with what they want and the worst is when kids are with you buying gifts and toys in a department store or toy store.

It's really hard to pacify them when they starts this gesture of wanting to be noticed and get what they want.  For moms and dads this is their kryptonite.  Parents who are not well aware of their kids can loose their temper and might even hit their kids for doing that.  It sad to know the truth but it does happen.  So, how to avoid tantrums, especially in a place like the toy store?   Below are some of the ways parents can do to pacify them.

  • Don't ignore your kids.  This is what most parents are forgetting when they are with the kids, they're ignoring them.  Kids will always do things to make them being noticed and for that matter tantrum is one of them.  It is just simply their way of getting noticed.  
  • If they see something that they want just let them have a look at it.  Don't just pull your kid whenever he wanted to touch or look at some toys or things.  You're just aggregating their tendency to tantrum.   Sometimes they just want to look at it and feel it.  
  • If they are really interested with the toy or thing and you have the means to buy them then buy it but if you don't have the best way is to talk to them in a nice way.  Tell them the truth that you don't have the means to buy it.   Kids are also good listeners.  
  • If they are already playing with the toy and you don't have the intention of buying it just let them take time to play with it and afterwards tell them it's time to say bye bye.  I used this a lot my kids and it's effective.  All they need is to have time with them.  
  • If the store is filled with fragile materials just simply accompanying them when they're touching and looking at it.  It doesn't really hurt to help your kids out in just feeling it.  Perhaps that's their way of learning with their surroundings.  

These are just some of the tips that could guide you in avoiding your kids to do tantrums in stores specially this holiday season.  They need to enjoy to and by the way Christmas is every body.  Christmas is even great to celebrate when kids are happy.  

So, how was your Christmas shopping?  Merry Christmas

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