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Friday, December 6

Friday Toys Intelligent Computer, A Kiddie LapTop

Okay here's the second part of our Friday Toys' featured gifts to our kids and this time it's for Gelo, the youngest.  If the first gift for the eldest was something to make his imagination go wild this time it's about learning and cognitive intelligent.  My wife and I just hope that we did get the right toy for the youngest.

So what was our gift to Gelo?  Well it was a kiddie computer laptop that plays different features for learning.  It helps the kids in alphabet recognition, Mathematics, word completion,  music, and of it also have games.  From the name of the kiddie laptop based on the box it is called "Intelligent Computer" which comes from 'KaiZen'.  And according also from the writings and instructions on the box this computer have 25 Fun Activities that kids will surely enjoy.  The box contains a laptop with 3" LCD screen, a mouse and of course the keyboard keys.  The laptop also has a friendly voice that tells the letters, numbers or words.

This kiddie laptop runs on 3 double A batteries and with continues usage I think the batteries won't last the whole day but don't worry because it comes with a power adaptor which can be plugged in to a power outlet.  Making the battery consumption lesser or perhaps when your just going out.  As always, Moms and Dads don't let your kids do the plugging.  That's for safety reasons.

This laptop is a great start for toddlers learning the numbers and alphabets. But of course this toys or kiddie laptop still needs the presence of Moms and Dads, guidance and making sure that they will learn a lot.

We got this laptop on sale at Toy Kingdom so it's a bit cheaper than its regular price.  This toy is priced at Php799.75.  Best buy and best gift this coming Christmas.

How about you, have you got your kids some Christmas presents already?  Check out some of the reviews that I have made from before and you might get an idea on what to give this Christmas.

Note:  As of this writing my son Gelo had already made the laptop disfunctional.   Didn't noticed what he did, so I'll try to fix it soon, perhaps during the holidays.
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