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Saturday, January 18

Daddy Day Care: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Getaway 1

Okay I know this is late already but I just want to share what happened during our last year's wedding anniversary celebration. Just been very preoccupied with last year's holiday celebration that I wasn't able to find time to write about it. So, at last I will be sharing it here.
As usual preparation was always a double sided situation. It is a hassle in preparing so many things for the kids but it is also fun at the same time seeing the kids excited. This was supposed to be done last October as our gift to our eldest son, Maki. Unfortunately there were unforeseen things that hinders this getaway but thankfully it happened right before our wedding anniversary. This was an early celebration for the whole family.

I had posted before in one of my blogs,, about Thunderbird Resorts Rizal because we had an event there. During that day I did won an over night stay good for the whole family. And I mentioned that I'll be telling more stories about it.
So, since I work at Clark and don't have much of the time booking for the said celebration I let my beloved wife to set it. Though there were some problems along the way, still she managed to arrange it and here's our story.

The day was December 13, Friday the 13th. For some this date and day is too scary for them but for us this was nothing and 13 is one of my favorite number. Anyway, so as inquired from Thunderbird Resorts Rizal's staff regarding the pick up area, we head on to the place together with the kids and our big bags. Whew! Gelo was heavy and so was the bags. Thankfully we got there on time.
Travel time was a little bit more than an hour. Perhaps its because there was no traffic that time. We arrived ahead of the check in time, so we waited for some few more minutes before we got into the room but I think the kids did enjoyed the koi fishes. Well, perhaps that's of the distractions or should I say one good pacifier for the kids while waiting for the check in time.
At last the assigned room. I can now take a rest and that's what I thought of., unfortunately the kids got more hyped up when they saw all the things that they touch inside the room. They were contained a bit and a few minutes because of the cartoons available on cable TV. Since the sun is still up and hot we confined ourselves first inside the room.

That's the start of the celebration.... part 2 about the whole escapades.
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