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Monday, January 13

Monday Rush: Rush of Pain and Fever

Today's Monday Rush is one of the coldest day and it is due to the melting of the snow in the northern part of the world. This is my Monday sickness, a slight fever and an aching body. I think I've overdone myself in working.. So having a cold whether and an illness sure did make a shiver of coldness rushing through my entire body

My mind is telling me to wake up and prepare for work but my body is weak to respond. Though I have manage to open my eyes, still I'm too weak to stand up. If we have a sugar rush then this morning is more of a rush of pain.

That's the time that I decided to go back to bed and put my aching body to rest. It's cold indeed but that was nourished by the warmth of the ever reliable blanket plus the warm care of my ever dearest wife. A continued rest to rejuvenate me more in facing another trials of life.
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