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Monday, May 19

John Robert Powers' The Future Leaders Program and Dynamic Parenting

For Dads and Moms, like me, we want to give the best for our kids and best means making them have the right nourishment and the right development materials that they need to excel in everything that they do. But of course not all of us have the capacity to bring all of the best things that our kids can have. Still, we all, parents, strive hard for that.

During the developmental stage of kids which is about 3 years to 6 years old, this is the time that we, parents, should let them feed substantial learning, values and skills. There are different institutions that offers programs for the kids. One of these institutions is John Robert Powers. This institution is known for their personality development programs and big names learn from this institution.

John Robert Powers offers a variety of programs for interested clients, from personality development , modelling, acting and up to creative writing. You can check out their programs through their website or you can visit the branch near you.

Right now John Robert Powers have two new programs that I'm pretty much sure that parents like me would love to know more and hopefully enrolled in it too. These two new programs are The Future Leaders Program and the Dynamic Parenting Workshop.
The Future Leaders Program focuses on children in their prime age where they hunger for learning and development. This is the time where leadership values and skills are instilled to them. While the Dynamic Parenting Workshop aims to provide a venue for parents to be empowered and improve their personality towards parenting in particular.

For John Robert Powers their Future Leaders Program aims to properly nurture this potential by developing the child's leadership values and skills that are not only vital in his success in school and work but also instrumental in living a happy and fulfilling life. This program was developed based on the premise that every child has the potential for success. The program is carefully structured with the intent of creating fun classes for children that will help them develop a positive sense of self, confidence, and independence.

John Robert Powers successfully integrated their Personality Development, Oral Communication and Creative Writing programs into the Future Leaders Program which can be completed for 60 hours for an exceptional learning experience for children and create a strong foundation for their promising future. Topics under the 4 modules of Personality Development are Personal Transformation, Effective Communication, Social Graces and Image Enhancement which are carefully selected to create a course that promotes the basic values and skills of leadership.
In the case of Dynamic Parenting Workshop, it aims to maximize the full potential of parents in nurturing their children. This program consists of ten (10) different topics relevant to the formation of a more constructive and responsive parenting approach. Through a series of lectures, focus group discussions, and other interactive activities, the program strives to provide parents with an alternative and proactive learning experience.

At the end of the workshop, it is hoped that the parents will have a revitalized view of what parenting CAN be. It is also hoped that the learning insights that will be gathered from the sessions will have a visible manifestation in the way they rear their children.

This is indeed one great venue for parents to learn and share what they can and what they have experience in terms of dealing with different children. This program can be well jive with the Future Leaders Program and help both the parents and kids develop more.
If your kids or if you're a parent who wants to check out the programs that John Robert Powers offer you can check their website and Facebook Page or you can visit their branches near you.
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