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Friday, June 27

Friday Toys: Malay The Proboscis Monkey Toy

Hi there!  It's Friday and I'm eager to share today one of the toys that my kids recently have.  Though it's not that recent but the thing is that I haven't featured it here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys.  So we're going to share it here.  This toy is something that will teach the kids of what they look like and of course if it is explained by the parents properly and clearly they will also learn their name and perhaps where they live plus their appetite.
My wife, Angie, got this toy from an event which promotes tourism of the other country.  When this toy got home the kids got a hold of it and gave it a great big hug.  For they know that this toy will be part of the list of toys that they have.  As usual our kids give names to their toys, especially the stuffed ones.  Since this toy came from an event about the showcasing of tourism from this country we decided to call this toy "Malay" which is short for Malaysia.

From here on we'll be calling the toy Malay.  Malay is a toy imitation of a Proboscis Monkey that looks like the real monkey and even the big nose and small round eyes are almost the same.  Malay is a stuffed toy that is just right for the little kids.  They can swish the monkey around without hurting anyone. More, it can be used as pillow as well.

This kind of toy is safe for the kids, soft and cuddly.  How about you what's your animal liked plush toy or stuff toy?

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