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Saturday, March 29

#EarthHour Tips To Encourage Kids to Participate and Not Get Bored

Eight years ago the call to give time for Earth was heard through out the world.  Every year more people and countries join the call and it was great to feel that my family are part of the community that strives to save the planet.  I remember the first time that we joined the call, our eldest son, Maki, was still a little boy and having the lights of was very easy.  On the following years, Maki, was a bit uneasy with the lights off and with only candle light to light the house.  So we did some things to make him busy and of course let him learn why we are doing it.  So for parents here's what you can do with the kids.

Dad's Summer Travel Must Have

This Daddy is not marching for graduation or something but March is just one month that this Dad look forward to as start of a beautiful summer. We all know that there are plenty of occasions, events and happenings during summer and one of the most liked activity is vacation and that means travel.  For the Dads, we all know what this means,  we need a very deep deep pocket for this one and most especially if the kids are coming with us.

Thursday, March 27

End of School Year, What's Next?

Yes, it's goodbye school days and hello vacation! To some schools, like my son's, they had their Recognition Day already and after that school days are officially over. That's for the few months only.

But before schools days totally end for the summer, a big CONGRATULATIONS first to all the graduates! Your parents are very proud of your achievement. Keep it up and become a good citizen of this country.

Sunday, March 23

Daddy Day Care: Construction Activity

Okay I think Daddy Day Care session will not be limited on the weekends, specially now that school days are over. Well, my kid just had their recognition day, which we will post also a bit sooner. For now we'll share about our Daddy Day Care Construction Activity.

Friday, March 21

Friday Toys: Sand Series Toys

Friday Toys once more and since the school has ended already, perhaps for some, summer is on its way. Yes, as most of us are looking forward for the summer season. Vacation, halu-halo and the best thing in summer... beach!

Wednesday, March 19

Daddy Yashiro's Support #DearFutureMom

Love what makes us human. God gave us the power to love as He Himself shed love for all of us. We all have the right to be happy.

Children are God's gift! Whatever the color, race and features they precious gift that was given by God. They are given because there's a purpose and meaning, for your life, ours and to everyone.

Call me whatever you want but I promised you'll definitely going to shed tears on this video. I always have a soft heart when it comes to family matters. Below is the short story and the video.

Monday, March 17

Monday Rush: The National Breakfast Day

Almost every corner of the street with a fast food chain store can be seen with longer lines and it was like a blockbuster movie being expected. Well, as expected because McDonald's celebrates the #NationalBreakfastDay with a #FreeMcMuffin for the first 1,000 customers who lined up or until 9:00 AM. To some stores it ended up as early as 7:00 AM and for some it takes till 9:00 AM. Gladly, the McDonald's branch inside Clark were one of those store with less number of customers who lined up.

Sunday, March 16

Daddy Day Care: Our Kids Experienced To Be McDo's Kiddie Crew

End of school! And I'm sure kids are yelling it out, "at last it's summer!" Yup, no school for a few months and they'll be sleeping longer hours and more time to watch late night shows. So just give them a few days to enjoy that freedom. I know some of the Moms and Dads have already set up or planned something for the kids.

Tuesday, March 11

YoshiKido, An Unusual Summer Workshop from Yoshinoya

Okay, few more days and classes are over and for the kids tbey are really looking forward for this days because fun things happend during vacation.  And speaking of fun things, here's one that they will surely enjoy this summer, Yoshinoya is now accepting applicants for their Yoshikido Summer Workshop 2014.

Wednesday, March 5

Exhaling My Thoughts

This past few weeks I have been making myself busy with things that at least should make myself a little satisfied with what I'm supposed to be feeling right now. It's not frustrations but a bit of jealousy with those around me. Jealousy in a manner that should make me strive more to achieve the things I want for my family. I haven't done much. I envy tuose people who have plenty of time to do the things that they want while I am stuck with the problems that I need to solve. Perhaps this is what you get for not straightening everything out before settling. A not so good plan.
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